Red Dead Redemption "Old Friends, New Problems" Mission Guide and Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption "Old Friends, New Problems" Mission Guide and Walkthrough
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A telegram from the MacFarlanes sends John back into familiar territory in the “Old Friends, New Problems” mission. Abigail is none to pleased to see John receiving correspondence from an attractive young woman, and so decides to accompany him on this mission.

John will have to help deal with a bug infestation and fend off the jealous impulses of his own wife in this mission. Maybe ranch life isn’t going to be a simple and pleasant as John initially thought.

“Old Friends, New Problems”

Abigail’s third mission begins exactly where the second one did, just outside the front porch of the Marston ranch house. Walk into the yellow “X” to get started.

John has received a telegram from Bonnie MacFarlane (which seems silly, considering her ranch is only a few minutes away on horseback). Abby, naturally curious, asks who Bonnie is. She’s obviously jealous, and asks John to read the telegram aloud so she can see what’s up.

Bugs have taken out the MacFarlane’s entire supply of corn sacks, and Bonnie needs John’s help to replenish them. Corn sacks are about the only thing left on the ranch that Uncle managed to protect.

Wagon Ride With Abigail

Wagon in Red Dead Redemption

Hop onto the nearby wagon to start your trip out to the MacFarlane ranch. Abby’s jealously has gotten the better of her, and she decides she should tag along to meet Bonnie. She hops up on the wagon with you, and the timer begins to tick down. You’ll need to reach the ranch before it reaches zero to complete the mission.

Along the way, Abigail lets John know she’s not too fond of him going off without her, considering what they’ve recently been through. Abby and John will also begin to fill each other in on the events of their lives while they were separated.

Your destination is the General Store on the MacFarlane Ranch. Ride into the yellow “X” in front to continue.

Saving Bonnie MacFarlane

Bonnie MacFarlane in Red Dead Redemption

Outside the General Store, Bonnie greets John and thanks him for coming. John then introduces her to Abigail. The two will talk while John unloads the corn, ribbing him a little in the process.

After the corn is unloaded, John and Abigail set otu for home, and Bonnie seems sad to see them go.

Follow the yellow path on your mini map to drive home. The conversation turns to the future and the past as you drive. There’s no time limit on the return trip, so feel free to go at your own pace here.

The major purpose of this mission seems to have been exposition and character development, as there isn’t much else going on.

Once you return to the ranch, Abby climbs down from the wagon and your mission is complete.

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Abigail is John’s wife, and once she’s free and back on the ranch, she’ll have quite a few tasks for John to complete. It’s time to get things back into working order, and you’ll have to herd cattle, shoot crows, and move a bit of corn before you’re finished.

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