Red Dead Redemption "The Mexican Wagon Train" Red Dead Redemption Mission Guide and Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption "The Mexican Wagon Train" Red Dead Redemption Mission Guide and Walkthrough
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The local government has decided to round up all undesirables in Mexico for execution, and it’s your job to rescue them in the Red Dead Redemption “The Mexican Wagon Train” mission. Alongside Landon, you will liberate a wagon filled with prisoners and deliver them safely to American soil.

“The Mexican Wagon Train”

“The Mexican Wagon Train” begins, like all of Landon’s missions, in the Chuparosa saloon. Landon is drinking by himself in a corner, and invites John to join him.

John asks about Javier once again, and John finally reveals his mission to Mr. Ricketts. John’s story of how he came to leave his life of crime doesn’t seem to move Ricketts much one way or another, but there’s no rattling an old gunslinger.

Of course, before the celebration can get into full swing, Luisa breaks in with news of a wagon full of writers and government officials who are slated for execution. The drinking will have to wait, for now.

Head for Escalera

Red Dead Redemption Map

Mount up and ride with Landon toward Escalera. Ricketts has a few opinions on the way John has been conducting his investigation, and his subsequent inability to gain information on the whereabouts of Escuella and Williamson.

About halfway there, the two of you will round a corner and a military convoy complete with prison wagons will roll by. In order to save the prisoners, you’ll have to take out the wagon drivers without harming the wagons. Dead Eye can be useful here, as shooting precisely while moving is a little tricker than normal. Make sure you take out all the other soldiers while you’re at it, or you’ll find yourself getting shot from all angles.

Once both drivers and all the soldiers are taken out, you’ll need to take over the reins of the first wagon.

To America, and Freedom!

Drive and Shoot in Red Dead Redemption

Take the reins and ride hard for America, the border crossing is marked with a yellow dot on your mini map. Landon will follow you, driving the other wagon.

Stay on the road and you’ll reach the bridge in no time. Unlike the road, however, the bridge is heavily guarded. A few riders will approach, and should be taken out quickly. Soldiers are also covering the entrance and exit from the first bridge. You can either target them with Dead Eye or shoot the nearby TNT barrels to take them out.

A boat with a mounted Gatling gun covers the second bridge. Either take out the gunner as you ride or just blow past as quickly as possible. Just across the last bridge and around a corner is your destination, a yellow “X” marking the border of the U.S.A. and freedom for these prisoners.

Landon and John will say their goodbyes, and Landon suggests that John turn to Luisa to help him with his search.

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