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Red Dead Redemption Mission Guide: "Lucky in Love"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Join Landon and a few of his "friends" for a friendly game of poker. It doesn't take long for things to get out of hand, and you'll find yourself dueling a nice German fellow in the middle of town. Once he's down, his friends show up and attempt to avenge him, forcing you to deal with them.

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    After you've saved Luisa from the clutches of the Mexican Army, return to Chuparosa and meet up with Landon again to take on his next mission.

    "Lucky in Love" is a short Red Dead Redemption mission. You'll play some poker, do a little shooting, even save a damsel in distress.

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    "Lucky in Love"

    Red Dead Redemption Landon Ricketts You'll find Landon outside the saloon at the poker table. Landon is cleaning up, and his opponents don't seem to be pleased with his success. He'll ask you to join in and deal you into the game.

    If you've ever played Texas Hold 'Em or seen it on TV, then you should have little trouble understanding what happens next. You'll join in the game, betting on the cards in your hand combined with those on the table, trying to get the best possible hand.

    After a few rounds, Muller decides that he's had enough, and his losing ways must be because of some dishonesty on your part. After some foul language and false accusations, the situation quickly dissolves into a Mexican standoff. Muller challenges John to a duel, and he is more than happy to accept.

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    Dueling in Chuparosa

    Dueling in Red Dead Redemption As you and Landon walk to the town square, he'll explain how dueling works. It's unlikely you've come this far in the game without some dueling experience, but he'll give you a quick rundown, just in case.

    Drawing too quickly will cause you to be less accurate, so it's best to wait until the word "Draw" appears on the screen, then pick your targets the same way you now do using your upgraded Dead Eye ability.

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    Hostage Situation

    Red Dead Redemption Combat Once you've won, Landon and John will return to the saloon for a drink. Before you can take a sip, however, one of Muller's associates appears holding a local girl hostage. You'll once again be called upon to duel, but this time your targeting options are greatly limited by the fact that you don't want to shoot the hostage.

    Draw your weapon, then target the stranger's head and fire. He'll go down and the girl will be saved.

    Immediately afterward, however, four gunmen appear on the other side of the town's fountain. Take cover behind the nearby low wall and shoot them one at a time. Landon will join you, but you should be able to take out all the bad guys without his help.

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    The Gold Medal Achievement

    This mission is a good one to try and earn a gold medal and pick up the corresponding achievement.

    To speed up the mission and earn the maximum rating, simply do the following: go all in on both bets to speed up the poker game, headshot Muller in the duel, headshot the stranger in the second duel, then take out the stranger's accomplices as quickly as possible with four headshots.

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