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Red Dead Redemption Treasure Hunting Guide

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

There is treasure hidden throughout the world of Red Dead Redemption, you just need to know where to find it. Our guide will help you locate and acquire each of the game's treasure caches in order.

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    Red Dead Redemption Treasure Locations

    There are nine separate treasures to hunt down and acquire in the world of Red Dead Redemption. Each one sells for a hefty sum and will grant the player a boost to their fame. In addition. after the fifth treasure is found, you'll gain the ability to ride stagecoaches for free. After you've found all nine, you'll also pick up the "Treasure Hunter's Satchel," which allows John to carry twice as many consumable items.

    To get started on your treasure hunting, you'll have to wait for a random encounter involving a treasure hunter and a few attackers. You'll find them near a major road as you wander through the world, and they will be fighting close to a wagon. Either save the treasure hunter and he'll give you the first map, or let him die and take it off his corpse. Either way, once you have it you're free to start looking for hidden fortunes.

    These treasures have to be found in order. Even if you know the location of a treasure farther down the line, you will not be able to pick it up until you've uncovered the previous one. No skipping ahead, I'm afraid.

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    Treasure 1

    Red Dead Redemption Treasure Location 1 Red Dead Redemption's first treasure is found adjacent to The Hanging Rock, just north of Armadillo. You'll need to walk into the gap between the large rock and the two smaller boulders.

    You'll find the chest buried under some small rocks up against the large rock. The map itself is a little misleading, but just walk into the gap between the rocks and locate the small pile of stones and you'll have no problem.

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    Treasure 2

    Red Dead Redemption Treasure Location 2 Head out to Rio Del Lobo for treasure number two. You'll need to climb up onto the cliff on the West side of the ravine and follow it to the river.

    You should see a gap between two rocks at the end of the ridge. You'll need to head between it, then follow the narrow path as it curves around and leads to a treasure chest below. The spot you're looking for is almost directly above the "D" in Del Lobo Rock on yoru map.

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    Treasure 3

    Red Dead Redemption Treasure Location 3 Treasure three is in the city of Tumbleweed. If you head around the backside of the large mansion on the hill, you'll find an open cellar door. Enter the cellar and take a right when you hit a wall.

    Find the treasure beneath a pile of rocks that sits beneath a cow skull hanging from a support in the basement.

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    Treasure 4

    Red Dead Redemption Treasure Locations 4 The fourth treasure is found on the river bank in Rio Del Toro. The spot you're looking for is NW of Chuparosa. A large tree covered in hanging cow skulls is the closest landmark. Head toward the nearby stone wall.

    On the river side of the wall you should find the treasure chest. It's easy to miss, so look carefully.

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    Treasure 5

    Red Dead Redemption Treasure Locations 5 To find the fifth treasure, you'll need to head out to Crooked Toes, found between Escalera and Chuparosa in Mexico.

    You'll come across several rock pillars. The treasure chest is atop the tallest of these, and you should be able to climb up if you circle around and find the right spot. There is also an unrelated chest near the base of the rocks, so don't get confused if you open it and nothing happens.

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    Treasure 6

    Red Dead Redemption Treasure Locations 6 Ojo Del Diablo, or "Eye of the Devil" is your destination for the sixth treasure. It's located South of Chuparosa.

    You'll find the treasure on the left ledge directly under the huge stone arch.

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    Treasure 7

    Red Dead Redemption Treasure Location 7 To find the eighth treasure, and the final one in Mexico, head out to Roca de Madera. You'll find it North East of Agave Viejo.

    The path you'll need to follow begins just W/SW of the finger-looking rock columns. Follow the narrow path just below the cliff face as it winds around and you'll find the treasure at the very end.

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    Treasure 8

    Red Dead Redemption Treasure Location 8 You'll need to open up the area surrounding Blackwater to get to the eighth treasure. You'll find it on the Great Plains, near the broken tree in an area appropriately named "Broken Tree."

    Near the tree is an old, broken-down stone wall. Near the gap in the wall is the eighth treasure.

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    Treasure 9

    Red Dead Redemption Treasure Location 9 The game's final treasure is found in the mountains above Tall Trees. Look for the path NW of Manzanita Post and directly above the words "Tall Trees" on your map.

    Follow the path as it winds up into the mountains and you'll find a bear cave. Watch out for hungry grizzlies as you head inside and open the chest. You should find the final treasure and the Treasure Hunter's Satchel.

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