Red Dead Redemption Animal Guide: A List of All the Animals in the Game

Red Dead Redemption Animal Guide: A List of All the Animals in the Game
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Red Dead Redemption is filled to the brim with a menagerie of wildlife, both domesticated and wild. Horses and dogs act as your faithful companion, while wolves, snakes and grizzly bear threaten your safety out in the untamed countryside of New Austin and beyond. In this Red Dead Redemption animals guide, we’ll show you all the animals in the gameworld, how much their parts can fetch in the town stores, and where to find the animals essential to completing the Hunting challenges. This guide will also reveal the location of the four Red Dead Redemption rare animals who John Marston must take down in order to claim the title of Master Hunter, as well as the animal-related Xbox 360 achievements you can unlock in the game.

List of Animals in Red Dead Redemption A-E

Red Dead Redemption Hunting Deer


  • Location: West of Armadillo.
  • Parts: Carapace (Basic Price:5), Meat (Basic Price:3).


  • Parts: Fur (Basic Price: 12), Meat (Basic Price: 5).


  • Location: Tall Trees region.
  • Parts: Antlers (Basic Price: 10), Fur (Basic Price: 8), Meat (Basic Price: 5).


  • Location: Northwest from Hennigan’s Stead.
  • Parts: Meat (Basic Price: 5), Skin (Basic Price: 3), Tusks (Basic Price: 8).


  • Parts: Claw (Basic Price: 12), Fur: (Basic Price: 8), Meat (Basic Price: 5).


  • Parts: Antlers (Basic Price: 8), Fur (Basic Price: 4), Meat (Basic Price: 5).


  • Parts: Fur (Basic Price: 4), Horns (Basic Price: 8), Meat (Basic Price: 5).


  • Parts: Feathers (Basic Price: 1).


  • Parts: Hide (Basic Price: 4), Meat (Basic Price: 4).


  • Location: Around the Gaptooth Ridge area.
  • Parts: Meat (Basic Price: 5), Fur (Basic Price: 8), Claw (Basic Price: 12), Fang (Basic Price: 8).


  • Location: Common in the Armadillo area.
  • Parts: Meat (Basic Price: 3), Fur (Basic Price: 5).


  • Parts: Feathers (Basic Price: 8).


  • Location: Common throughout New Austin, Hennigan’s Stead is rife with them.
  • Parts: Meat (Basic Price: 5), Skin (Basic Price: 8).


  • Parts: Fur (Basic Price: 2), Meat (Basic Price: 1).


  • Parts: Feathers (Basic Price: 8).


  • Parts: Feathers (Basic Price: 20).


  • Location: Common around Tall Trees.
  • Parts: Antlers (Basic Price: 12), Meat (Basic Price: 8), Fur (Basic Price: 9).

List of Animals in Red Dead Redemption F-W

Red Dead Redemption Hunting Elk


  • Location: Near the general store in Armadillo, or the Tall Trees area, especially at night.
  • Parts: Meat (Basic Price: 5), Fur (Basic Price: 12).


  • Parts: Meat (Basic Price: 5).


  • Location: Around Tall Trees, especially when snow is on the ground.
  • Parts: Claw (Basic Price: 8), Fur (Basic Price: 12), Heart (Basic Price: 20), Meat (Basic Price: 8), Teeth (Basic Price: 12).


  • Parts: Feathers (Basic Price: 4).


  • Parts: Feathers (Basic Price: 18).


  • Parts: Meat (Basic Price: 12).


  • Parts: Hide (Basic Price: 1), Meat (Basic Price: 1).


  • Parts: Feathers (Basic Price: 16).


  • Parts: Meat (Basic Price: 5).


  • Parts: Meat (Basic Price: 3).


  • Location: Tall Trees.
  • Parts: Meat (Basic Price: 3), Fur (Basic Price: 5).


  • Location: Rio Bravo at night-time.
  • Parts: Meat (Basic Price: 3), Fur (Basic Price: 5).


  • Parts: Skin (Basic Price: 6).


  • Parts: Feathers (Basic Price: 10).


  • Parts: Feathers (Basic Price: 8).


  • Location: Especially common in Tall trees, but turn up at a lot of locations, particularly at night.
  • Parts: Meat (Basic Price: 8), Fur (Basic Price: 10), Heart (Basic Price: 12)

Red Dead Redemption Rare Animals

Red Dead Redemption Animals Grizzly Bear

There are four rare animals in Red Dead Redemption which you must hunt down to complete the Hunting Challenges in the game.

Khan the Jaguar

  • Location: Head south from Chuparosa. Khan can be found patrolling the hills of Ojo Del Diablo, though you may have to employ some bait to get him to come out into the open.

Lobo the Wolf

  • Location: Heading northwest from Tall Trees, Lobo lives on the eastern rim of the Aurora Basin Lake.

Gordo the Boar

  • Location: Head southwest from Thieves Landing till you reach the Stillwater Creek region. Aim to be northwards of the road but not beyond the river.

Brumas the Bear

  • Location: The last of the Master Huntsman Challenges, Brumas the Bear is ensconsed in a cave at the summit of a mountain in the Nekoti Rock region. Head northeast from Aurora Basin till you find it.

Red Dead Redemption Animal Achievements

Bearly Legal (5 Gamerpoints): Slay and skin 18 Grizzly Bears.

Unnatural Selection (20 Gamerpoints): Kill 1 example of each of the different animal species in Red Dead Redemption, in any game-type.

Manifest Destiny (5 Gamerpoints): A heartbreaking Red Dead Redemption Achievement. Kill the last surviving Buffalo on the Great Plains in the course of the singleplayer game.


With the information in this Red Dead Redemption animals guide, prospective John Marston’s should have no problems completing the Hunting Challenges, finding the rare animals and unlocking the animal achievements in Rockstar’s epic western. So saddle up and bring your hunting knife with you, there’s a whole world of wildlife for players to hunt, skin and make a fortune from in Red Dead Redemption. If you get bored of hunting the wildlife, hunt down some treasure with our guide to Red Dead Redemption treasure maps.

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