Red Dead Redemption Lasso Tips & Tricks: Includes Some Hilarious Glitches

Red Dead Redemption Lasso Tips & Tricks: Includes Some Hilarious Glitches
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No self-respecting cowboy should be without a lasso, and John Marston, star of Rockstar Games' sprawling Western adventure Red Dead Redemption is no exception. In this guide, we’ll show you which mission unlocks the lasso, how to wield it to best effect in combat, what Xbox 360 Achievements and Playstation 3 Trophies you can unlock with it, plus round up the best Red Dead Redemption lasso tricks, advice and glitches.

How to Get the Lasso in Red Dead Redemption

The Red Dead Redemption lasso becomes available to John Marston when the player completes the Bonnie MacFarlane mission “Wild Horses, Tamed Passions”. In this chapter of the game, Bonnie and Drew MacFarlane teach Marston how to rope wild stallions. It is a good idea to complete the Bonnie missions as early as possible in the game purely to unlock the lasso, due to its usefulness for bringing bounty targets in alive.

How to Lasso in Red Dead Redemption

  • Like all weapons in Red Dead Redemption, the lasso is aimed with the Left Trigger (360) or L2 (PS3) and fired with the Right Trigger or R2. However, with the lasso you must continue to hold LT or L2 throughout using it, otherwise you will release your captive target.
  • Keep holding the RT or R2 to reel the lasso in and pull your victim towards you. You can then hogtie them to immobilize them and transport them on your horse. If using the lasso in horse breaking, RT or R2 will cause the horse to rear up onto its hind legs, the sign for you to mount the horse to trigger the breaking mini-game.
  • If you don’t reel a captive in, you can drag them behind you, even when mounted. This will cause them injuries, however.
  • To increase the range of the lasso beyond what the auto-aim will allow, try to aim over the head of the target.

Red Dead Redemption Lasso Tips and Tricks

  • Hogtieing your bounties and returning them to Law Enforcement unharmed will massively increase your bounty bonus.

    Red Dead Redemption Lasso Hogtie Bounty

  • Your victim’s fellow gang members will harass you all the way to the Marshall’s Office if you have them hogtied on the back of your horse.

  • While you can lasso some Red Dead Redemption animals, you cannot drag them. Instead, they will act as an anchor and spin you round them.

  • Dogs will attack you when lassoed.

  • The lasso cannot be used when on a train.

  • The lasso is not available in multiplayer.

  • Using the lasso on another human and waiting will result in them moving away. This triggers one of Red Dead Redemption’s more entertaining glitches, as Marston will be dragged behind them, but without a walking animation, resulting in the appearance of him skiing on dry land. This glitch also applies if the lassoed target is mounted.

Red Dead Redemption Lasso Achievements and Trophies

The following two Xbox 360 Achievements and Playstation Trophies can be obtained by using the lasso:

  • Dastardly (5G (360) or Bronze (PS3)): One of the Red Dead Redemption secret Achievements, to obtain Dastardly you must lasso and hogtie an innocent woman, ride out to some railtracks and dump her on them, then wait for the next New Austin express. Messy!
  • Buckin' Awesome (10G (360) or Bronze (PS3)): Use your Lasso skills to break in the American Standardbred, Hungarian Half-bred and Kentucky Saddler horses.


With this selection of Red Dead Redemption lasso tips, you’ll soon be reeling in and hogtieing even the most vicious of criminals and breaking the wildest of stallions. Don’t forget to check out our further collection of Red Dead Redemption tips and tricks.

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