Red Dead Redemption Treasure Map Guide: Find All the Buried Treasure Locations

Red Dead Redemption Treasure Map Guide: Find All the Buried Treasure Locations
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The treasure maps in Red Dead Redemption are one of its best gameplay mechanics, encouraging you to go out and explore the vast western wilderness that Rockstar have created and test your logic and observation skills. Sometimes, though, hunting for the treasure locations can leave you frustrated and at a loss. Consult this Red Dead Redemption guide when a particular treasure hoard proves elusive, and you’ll soon possess the unimaginable riches hidden around the desolate land of New Austin and its bordering territories.

Red Dead Redemption Treasure Map Locations 1-3

Red Dead Redemption Marston And Horse

Treasure One - Rhodes' Gold

  • The first treasure map will come into your possession following a randomized encounter where you protect a lone stranger and his wagon from a group of desperadoes. Look in the chest on the back of the wagon to discover the map for Rhodes' Gold.
  • Rhodes Gold is situated northwards from Armadillo in the Hanging Rock area of Cholla Springs. Find the twin rocks, line yourself up to match the illustration on the map and then proceed to the second rock and explore the narrow path at its base. The treasure chest is hidden by the base of the tall rock. Inside you’ll find the next treasure map to lead you to Jackson’s Gold.

Treasure Two - Jackson’s Gold

  • This treasure can be a little awkward and dangerous to get to, so ensure you set up a camp beforehand and save your game to avoid any lost progress.
  • The treasure itself is situated in the south of New Austin. Head east from Rio Bravo till you come to a location labelled Del Lobo Rock, overlooking the mighty river.
  • Carefully study the map, and then proceed through the gap between the rocks.
  • Navigate your way down first to the right and then bak to the left until you reach the shadow of an otcrop. The treasure chest is located here, and contains the map for Calhoun’s Gold.
  • Be careful not to go too far down the cliff face and overshoot the location of the treasure, as its possible to do yourself some mischief, or you may have to make your way all the way back round the Rio Bravo area to get back to the top of the escarpment.

Treasure 3 - Calhoun’s Gold

  • This treasure is easy to find once you’ve set off the Tumbleweed mission. Clear out all the bandits in the town, and then proceed up to the old mansion. Finish off the remaining desperadoes in this building, then deal with the last two in the basement. You’ll find the treasure hidden under the bull skull mounted on the cellar wall. Inside the chest is the next map showing the location of Tubman’s Gold.

Red Dead Redemption Treasure Locations 4-6

Red Dead Redemption Jack Marston

Treasure Four - Tubman’s Gold

  • By now you should have opened up more of Red Dead Redemption’s areas to explore.
  • Tubman’s Gold is located north of Chuparosa, near the San Luis River.
  • Start at the area marked as the Tree of Skulls, and head towards the second of the stone walls. You’ll find the treasure and the map for Brown’s Gold buried on the side facing the river.

Treasure Five - Brown’s Gold

  • This treasure calls for a bit of agility.
  • Head east from Escalera to Punta Orgullo. The treasure itself is situated at the top of the spires of rock in Crooked Toes.
  • You’ll need to go past the cave and then climb up the spires using the jump and climbing maneuvers you first learnt during The Burning mission on Bonnie’s ranch. The map for the next cache of treasure, Douglass' Gold, is contained inside.

Treasure Six - Douglass' Gold

  • This treasure is relatively simple to uncover once you’ve uncovered the Ojo Del Diablo area on your map. Just head south from Chuparosa and you should find the right location.
  • The treasure itself is hidden on the western side of the arch in Ojo Del Diablo.
  • By now you have six treasures in your possession. Only three left to go, and the next is Garrison’s Gold.

Red Dead Redemption Treasure Locations 7-9

Red Dead Redemption Horse and Wagon

Treasure Seven - Garrison’s Gold

  • This treasure is not difficult to find, but involves a bit of a trek.
  • Head to Agave Viejo by travelling in a northeasterly direction from Roca de Madera. Then proceed northeast again.
  • Pay close attention to both the treasure map and your main map. Head to just above the illustration of the armadillo on your main map in this area - it should be just off the road leading northwest from Casa Madrugada. Examine the area until you find an unusually shaped rock matching the one drawn on the treasure map.
  • Scan southwest from this rock until you pick up a path by some rock spires. Follow the path to find Garrison’s Gold and the map for the eighth treasure, Pickett’s Gold.

Treasure Eight - Pickett’s Gold

  • Head east from the ranch at Beecher’s Hope.
  • You need to find a giant tree split asunder by a lightning bolt - it’s pretty hard to miss.
  • Head to the stone fence northwards of this tree to find Pickett’s Gold and the map for the final remaining treasure, Stonewall’s Gold, buried by the gap in the wall.

Treasure Nine - Stonewall’s Gold

  • Now to uncover the final treasure in Red Dead Redemption.
  • Stonewall’s Gold is situated up a snow-blanketed horse trail northwards from Manzanita Post. Take your trusty horse and follow the trail till you reach the high plateau and explore the area till you uncover a cave. Stonewall’s Gold, and the end of your treasure quest, is hidden inside.


Following the clues on the Red Dead Redemption treasure maps can be great fun, but there will be at least one treasure hunt where you will hit a brick wall. Use this guide to the Red Dead Redemption treasure locations wisely, and all the riches of New Austin and beyond will be in your grasp.

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