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Red Dead Redemption Mission Guide: "By Sweat and Toil"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The time has come for Uncle to help John put back together the ranch he let fall apart in John's absence. The two of you will take the herd out to pasture, and John will have the chance to stop a train robbery in progress. Or not, depending on how you feel.

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    Your first mission from the inept ranch hand "Uncle" is "By Sweat and Toil."

    Uncle has neglected his duties once again, and John is forced to accompany him as they drive the herd out to pasture.

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    "By Sweat and Toil"

    Uncle You'll find Uncle asleep under a wagon near the barn. John wakes him, and they trade insults for a bit before John asks if the herd has been put out to pasture. It hasn't, naturally, and you'll have to ride out with Uncle to get the herd taken care of.

    Mount your waiting horse and follow Uncle into the corral. Take up your position behind the herd to continue. Uncle will lead the cows, and you'll have to drive them from behind, as you have done many times before at this point.

    The cows will willingly follow Uncle for the most part, just keep sweeping back and forth behind them to keep them moving forward.

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    The Great Train Robbery

    Catch a Train in Red Dead Redemption About the time you get the herd into the pasture, a series of nearby explosions tears the air, and a train comes roaring into view. The herd gets spooked, and takes off running. You'll need to spur your horse and get in front of them before they're crushed by the train.

    As the train roars past, John sees that is being robbed by a gang of outlaws. You have a choice of whether or not to intervene (Uncle advises you not to) and you can do either and successfully complete the mission.

    If you decide to take action, you'll need to take out the outlaws chasing the train, then ride up and speak to the conductor at the blue waypoint on your mini map. There are six or so bad guys, and if you're good you should be able to take them all out with a single Dead Eye burst from a high-capacity weapon.

    After you save the train, the conductor offers you his thanks, then starts the train up and rides away. You receive no reward for your actions, but the passengers on the train will cheer for you as they chug by.

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    Out to Pasture

    Herd Cows in Red Dead Redemption Head back to uncle when prompted. Round up the stragglers by riding near them when they separate themselves from the rest of the herd and get the cows moving again. The pasture is marked by a yellow waypoint on your mini map.

    Once you reach it, John asks Uncle to mind the herd while he heads back, and the old man naturally refuses.

    Despite his reluctance, however, your mission is complete.

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Red Dead Redemption Uncle Contact Missions

Back on the Marston Ranch, John will have to assist Uncle in his daily chores as he works to put the place back together. You'll herd some cattle, rope some horses, and perform other chores to get the ranch up and running again.
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