The Host Tower and the Traitor Revealed (NWN Walkthrough)

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The Phony Ambassador

Having gotten your fake papers from Aarin, head on to the Host Tower and try to get in. Captain Islun will be guarding the entrance. Show him your papers before you can go in. Also, if you talk to him, you’ll find some pertinent information about the Host Tower and what’s going on. There will be several ambassadors from different tribes here if you talk to them you’ll find that Yeanasha of the Elk Tribe & Gurak Entrailspiller of the Orcs will be telling you of what their part in the war shall be. You’ll learn that a man named Maugrim has taken control over the Host Tower (defeating the Brothers) and that he’s charged a female Paladin of Neverwinter *Aribeth* to lead the attack against Neverwinter. You’ll want to enter Aribeth’s Room here but be careful as there is a Stone Golem that guards the room. Take it out, and get the Portal Key to access the Host Towers. Also check out Aribeth’s diary as she chronicles her last days as a paladin of Tyr.

The Eight Levels

Now, Aribeth has left her diary in the room, read it to see what plagues the fallen heroine of Neverwinter to know that she’s forsaken her calling as a paladin. Unlock the door using the Portal Key you found in Aribeth’s room and enter the Host Tower. You’ll find the Teleporter in the middle of the room. This will help you access the levels of the Host Tower. There is a Floor Portal Stone for every level and you can find them across various levels, on bodies of fallen enemies et al. I really suggest going through this by level so it doesn’t get confusing as to what level you’ve already accessed or not.

At the Pinnacle, you’ll meet the former Head of the Arcane Brotherhood Arklem. He’s turned himself into a Lich now and seems to be trapped. He needs your help escaping but well, I’d rather you just kill him but you kinda need him to open the door. So free him and get him to open he door for you. Destroy the four braziers around the room and Arklem will free himself and open the door for you. Also, freeing Arklem will give you more insight into the world of Maugrim and the reasons for the plague.

The Rise of the Blackguard

Using the portal to reach the Pinnacle of the Host Tower. Remember that once you’ve used this, there is no way to get back except for using the Stone of Recall.If you’ve misplaced your Stone of Recall, Aarin’s spy (who you’ll find before Aribeth et al) will be found on your way leaving his own. He’s dead now, having failed to protect Aribeth. When you actually get to catch up to them, you’ll see Aribeth, Maugrim and Morag. Aribeth has now forsaken Neverwinter and became a blackguard. She’ll be charged to led the attack against Neverwinter. You can’t stop this but Morag will soon take notice of you and take flight. They will all teleport away, leaving several lizardfolk for you to fight against. The leader is a lizard, Gorgoth and he’s actually pretty strong so be forewarned. When you defeat them, search Maugrim’s Sanctum protected by a Stone Golem. Afterwards, collect Maugrim’s journal and learned of his part in the whole fiasco spanning from the Plague to now. When you’re done searching, use the Stone of Recall and report to Aarin. So ends Chapter 2, watch the cutscene to see what happens.

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