Sidequest Walkthrough for Beggar's Nest Area in Neverwinter Nights

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Beggar’s Nest - Missing Guard

Help find Captain Ergus' missing soldier, Walters who was investigating the Sword Coast Boys. He’s a local of Beggar’s Nest so people around these parts might know something. Eventually, you’ll find that Walters has been imprisoned in the Warehouse where te Sword Coast Boys are. He’s trapped in a room that has an electric current running through you need to finish off Drawl first before setting him free.

Non-Consequential Sidequests

Beggar’s Nest: Aldo and Hector

You’ll be meeting Aldo in the center of Beggar’s Nest. He’s lost a wheel for his wagon and his wife Mattily is harping on him to leave. Find Hector and bring him to Aldo so they can leave Beggar’s Nest as soon as they can. (BTW, Hector is in Thomas Wheelwright Wagon Repair shop)

Bertrand’s Quest:

Bertrand needs you to look for his brother Marcus.You’ll find Marcus' corpse at the gates of the Great Cemetery take whatever items he possesses and present them to Bertrand as proof of his brother’s death.

I suggest you give back both the Journal and the Staff for more points and gold as not giving back the Staff doesn’t really do you any good.

Working For Harben Ashersmith

Harben needs you to look for two people, Jemanie and Krestal who are both missing at the moment. You’ll find these two in the Barricaded Homes around the Beggar’s Nest, they’re found North of Syril’s bakery (Jemanie) and in a house somewhere to east of the center of Beggar’s Nest (Krestal)

Aside from being a missing person’s finder you’ll be tasked to take care of the Undead Infestation in Beggar’s Nest. Once you’ve relieved the district of this problem feel free to run back to Harben and collect your reward. A successful persuasion check means you get more money.

Looking for Torin

Find out what happened to Jemamie’s brother ,Torin. You’ll be able to learn more about the strange cult in Beggar’s Nest. Hell give you a special key to enter the Cult Hideout and get it to wipe out the cultists. Unfortunately, Torin is dead. You’ll find his corpse in one of the rooms at the Warrens of the Damned. Take the ring, give this back to Jemanie and keep the key (that’s for one of the rooms in the Warrens of the Damned where a mummy waits for you). Head back to Jemamie when you can and inform him of his loss. He’l pay you something but if you threaten or persuade him he’ll give you more. But of course remember that threatening NPCs shift your alignment to evil.

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