A Druid and Courtesan - Neverwinter Nights Chapter 1 Sidequest Walkthrough

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Nyatar and the Great Rescue

Nyatar, the Druid by the Great Tree at the City Core will ask for yuor help if you’re a fellow Nature Walker (Druid) but if not a simple Persuade Check can make him give you the quest. At the Blacklake District, the Neverwinter Zoo animals need your help. Release them from their cages using the Teleport Via Plants Scroll and Scented Fetish (if you’re not a Druid). Of course you’re gonna need to extract some force here but then again, all in the name of Nature right?

So what you need to do is go to Blacklake District, go to the North area and pay a gold piece to enter the Neverwinter Zoo. You’ll be attacked by hostile zookeepers, who will prevent your from freeing the animals. Your biggest threat is the zookeeper, Montgomery “Sureshot” Weatherson. I suggest you keep a close distance as his long range skills are pretty good. Once you’ve defeated all the enemies, unlock the cages via a lever you will find and communicate with the animals, ordering them all to go out back and wait for your orders. Once they’re all free, go out back and activate the Teleport Via Plants Scroll where all the animals will use it to teleport to safety. Go back to Nyatar for the completion of this quest and your reward. Of course remember that a good persuade check never really hurt anyone.

Ophala and the Moonstone Mask Art Theft

Ophala from the Moonstone Mask will request you to steal several artifacts from different men around the Blacklake and Docks districts. (If you’re a rogue or have made a successful Persuasion check). If you accept you will have to acquire a statuette from Lord Androd Golden, a portrait from Lord Thoms Rumbottom, and an urn from a man named Hodge. Each one of them has a past with Ophala one way or the other. Their estates are large and ridden with guards so they make real good practice dummies for when you need to level up.

The first item is a Gilded Urn, you’ll find this in the Blacklake District in one of the rooms inside the Hodge’s Estate

The second item is also found in the Blacklake District - go on to the Rumbuttom Estate and look for Thoms Rumbuttom. After some good shakedown, he’ll hand over the portrait of Sir Reginald Rumbuttom III.

The last item you’ll need to acquire is a gaudy statuette. You’ll find it in Lord Androd Golden’s home at the Docks district. He will part with this item in exchange for his life so that’s good. Note that all three estate will be ridden with guards.

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