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The Final District

So this will be the last important piece of the quest for the Waterdavian Creatures that you’re seeking to recover. Now as with all the other quests, you’ll be meeting some pretty colorful characters. So be prepared to see some twists and turns in this part of the game. The Docks district will be field with thugs, scoundrel and Blood Sailors so watch your step. As per usual, load up on items that you think you may need and of course, talk to the guard to gain entrance and then, check up with the Captain of the Docks district to get some information about the Docks.

Gate Captain Soren will tell you that the Docks is run by “really shitty characters” and that the place is abound with thieves. So you have to watch out for them. Neibor, the NPC just beyond the barricade will be casing you so once you confront him about it, he’ll tell you about the auction that supposedly will take place at the Seedy Tavern which will include a cure for the plague. Seems like a good place to check out so do so. He’ll also tell you something about the Bloodsailors, and their leaders Vengaul and Calik so keep your eyes peeled

Shady Characters

Once you get to walking around the Docks District, you’ll get to the Seedy Tavern. But before you can even get inside, you’ll be ambushed again by the same sort of mysterious assassins. Once you’re finished dealing with them, a letter will be dropped and its said that there that the enemies fear you collecting all the reagents. There seems to be no doubt as to the fact that there is a traitor in the midst of the Academy.

Moving on, you need to talk to Festilliard. He’s in front of the Seedy Tavern. Give him some coin and he’ll tell you a sort of riddle that clearly states that you need to get into the Seedy Tavern, wearing a Bloodsailor’s uniform and to bring some Smuggler’s Coin with you. I’m pretty stingy with my Smuggler’s Coin as I want to buy some sweet items so I suggest you just go and grab a Bloodsailor’s uniform.To acquire the Bloodsailor uniform, you’ll need to go to the part of the docks (look to your map that’s where the image of the ship is) and approach the Bloodsailors boat. Just kill them to get your uniform and you’re off.


Once you acquire a Bloodsailor’s uniform approach the door to the Seedy Tavern and you’ll be let in. Once there, you can either start buying special items from the merchant or you could approach some Bloodsailors namely, Christov and Jalek. Now you might want to talk to Christov, but you can’t really talk to him unless Jalek is out of the picture and the only way to do that is to beat Jalek in a drinking match. Pump yourself up with potions to up your Constitution if its not high enough to beat Jalek. When you’re done, you can be free to talk to Christov.

Christov will tell you that he’s investigating the Bloodsailors and although he’s not from Neverwinter, he’ll try to help in every way that he can – this means providing you with information. You’ll find out the Calik, Vengaul’s lieutenant has taken his lady friend Dara’nei and locked her downstairs. Conduct a rescue and use the key given to you by Christov to get downstairs. However, a mean Chef locks the way and he won’t let you pass without a password. Get to the second floor and talk to this dwarf named Ulfnog. By talking to him, you’ll find out that the password is “Cornerstone” or if you’re too lazy, just use your persuasion skills to get pass the Chef.

Final Battle

The door behind the chef will get you to the Bloodsailor’s Hideout. I don’t need to say that there are plenty of enemies here so stock up on whatever you need to stock up on before heading off to fight. After the first level of the hideout, go one lever lower and from here, you’ll hear mysterious voices as if talking or persuading someone. Find out where these voices come from. Once you find the owner of the mysterious voices, kill them off and rescue Dara’nei. She’ll tell you all about Vengaul and Calik. Afterwards, she’ll give you a locket that seems to be the key to the door in the Silver Sails Trading Company leading to the Sewers. From her captors, you’ll find instructions from Calik that show detailed hand signals that will lead the entrance to the sewers from the Aqueducts. Either way you’ll end up going to the sewers.

From the Aqueducts, talk to the Ferryman ironically named Charon to end up at the Sewers. From there, battle Calik and his men and regain the Cockatrice from Vengaul. Afterwards, head on back to Aribeth and present to her the last reagent and to Fenthick the letter from the hired assassins.

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