Neverwinter Nights Chapter 2 - The Search for the Cult Walkthrough

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You’ve saved the city of Neverwinter with Chapter 1 and now it’s on to Chapter 2. Now it’s your time to find out who’s the real evil behind Desther’s nefarious plans. Head north of Neverwinter and find out if there are clues to this mystery. You’re now at Port Llast and Aribeth wants you to work with Aarin Gend, Neverwinter’s Spymaster to find out the cause of the mystery. (Added bonus! If you’re playing a female character there is a chance to have a relationship with Aarin Gend if you get to know him well enough in his stories.) To move on with this chapter, you’ll need to acquire 2 solid evidence of a cult.

Port Llast

Gather all the side quests that you need in Port Llast first before heading on out to the North Road. Why the North Road you ask? Well because I find its remarkably easier to play the game if I follow the advices of the NPCs. So off to the North Road we go. By the way, before you leave on off to the North Road, you’ll go to the Alliance Arms Inn where you’ll meet with a shady character named Solomon. He’s involved with the cult in some way so be careful in dealing with him. He’ll give you a ring, it’s ultimately up to you if you take it but it will be some sort of tracking device. Also there’s this issue with a Darktongue Breakbone, he claims to be researching the cult but well kinda shady so beware.

North Road

At the North Road, talk to Gerrol for a sidequest update (Gerrol’s Wife) and get some info about the ogre mage named Dergiab.Also note that he’s an old friend of Aarin Gend. Nice.

Keep on travelling and you’ll reach the caves Northwest of the North Road. This will lead you to the Orc and Goblin Caves. Nothing much, just explore explore explore. Goblins will litter the area so be careful. This is a great way to level up, I really like wasting all my enemies before moving on to the next level. So that’s what I do. The Goblin Chief is in the middle of the cave to your left so good luck hunting. You’ll find a Bugbear prisoner in the Goblin Chief’s chambers so talk to it and gain some insight about what’s happening. The Orc Chief can be found Northeast and Southwest to your map are the Stairs Down to the Bugbear Caves

Bugbears and Goblins

Once you get down, the first room you’ll enter is to the Bugbear King’s.So take out the Bugbears and get your stuff.

At the Bugbears Prison, you’ll rescue a Bugbear from being tortured. He’ll tell you the strongest bugbears are being carted away to the lower caves. So whatever else you might need, get it and go. After rescuing the Bugbear, go and rescue Leah (Gerrol’s wife quest). Go down one more level to enter the Ogre Caves.

Immediately, you’ll encounter an ogre named Nuglat. He was once the leader of the Ogres and since the takeover of Dergaib, he’s been locked up in his prison. You’ll find that Dergaib came back to the caves now referred to as the Master with a cultist on his side.

The cultist’s name is Ganon and it seems they’re prepping an army for the “Return” Take out Dergaib and Ganon at the same time along with other minions of their’s and collect the loot left behind before surrendering Dergaib’s head and reading the journal of Ganon before heading back to Aarin Gend. (Use the portal to head back to the surface FYI)

A Warning from the Cult

After this, you’ll be approached by Solomon the weirdo that seemed to gush over you at the Alliance Arms Inn before. He’ll tell you that you better step off the cult business. After giving his warning, Solomon will disappear. Aarin / Aribeth depending on who you approach about the going ons at Ogre Caves will suggest either Charwood or the Neverwinter Woods. I went to Charwood first so…see you there!

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