Chapter 1 - Neverwinter Nights Walkthrough, Dealing with the Yuan Ti of Beggar's Nest

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Getting your Bearings

On to the next part of the Waterdavian Quest! Aribeth has informed you of the news regarding some undead infestation at the Beggar’s Nest so off to that district you go. Before leaving, remember to stock up on potions and to partner up with your favorite henchman if you want to. Seperate articles will be created for the sidequests in this district as well as noted places of interest. Once again talk to the Captain of the Guard first before proceeding.

From there, he’ll tell you about the undead infestation going on in Beggar’s Nest. Explore the area and find out what you can, I suggest going through the different rooms and take on different quests. While you’re on your search,you’re going to end up saving some citizens. On one of your stops, you’ll be ambushed by some hired thugs. Take care of them and get ahold of a letter addressed to the thugs.This is is one of 4 letters from the strange mastermind of the case. When you show this to Aribeth, she’ll ask you to give this to Fenthick. Once you do, its back to the Beggar’s Nest. (Or go give this to Fenthick when you have the next reagent).

To Get to the Crypt

Now you’re gonna head on out to talk to Harben Ashersmith of the Shining Serpent Inn. He’ll make you look for Krestal and Jemanie - go to them and you’ll get closer to finding out the mystery of the undead.

Jemanie will tell you about the strange house and give you a key to it and talk to you about his brother Torin (see sidequest article for Beggar’s Nest). Using the key, you can now get into the strange building on your map. Its the Snake Cult hideout now. In the Snake Cult Estate, you’ll be fighting off the cultists and their leader and thwarting off some kind of summoning ceremony. When you defeat them all, you’ll find a journal called “In service of Gulnan”. The book will talking about the Sword Coast Boys and how she’s corrupted them. This will also lead you to go on to the Warrens of the Damned. (I of 2 paths)

Krestal on the other hand, will tell you about the Sword Coast Boys and the warehouse they’ve been sneaking in around on. Go to the warehouse and take out what’s left of the Sword Coast Boys. Now in this area, you’re going to meet up with Drawl. He’s no longer human, yep he’s a lich now! Very creepy. But you can do it, I know you can! After defeating Drawl head on out to the crypts. (This is another one of two paths)

Entering the Warrens

Either one of these buildings will lead you to the Crypt of the Beggar’s Nest. I took both routes (more fun that way). Anyhow… if you take either route you’ll end up inside the Great Graveyard. From there, go inside through this door and enter the Warrens of the Damned.

A voice will be speaking through the corpses, later on you’ll surmise that its the Yuan-Ti, a Waterdavian creature called Gulnan. Go through all the rooms in the Warrens, and fight the zombies if you want or go straight and fight the Yuan Ti. You’ll also be meeting Jared, the guy that used to run the place but is now usurped by the YuanTi, Gulnan. You can choose to set him free or keep him locked in there forever. (It took me sometime, but I managed to kill him without unlocking the door via spells. Try if you can do that too and you’ll get experience points.)

Battling the Yuan Ti

Either way, you’ll find Jemanie’s brother here in the Warrens in one of the rooms and he’ll have an ancient key that will unlock the door in the middle. In this room a mummy lies in wait for you, take it out and loot some beautiful treasures. As for the corpse, nothing you can do for Torin now. Just go on and finish off Gulnan and avenge him.

The Yuan Ti will be waiting for you. She’ll be mouthing off at how she’s used the Plague to her advantage. Defeat her and get the remains of her body which is her heart. She’ll also be carrying a scimitar +1 and a flask of holy water. During the battle, be careful around the zombies and don’t underestimate the power of the Stone of Recall. Thankfully though, they’re might y slow so you can try and take them out slowly. Once you’ve dispatched the Yuan Ti don’t forget to loot the chests, as they hold very special weapons, mostly magical. Afterwards, don’t forget to talk to Harben Ashensmith about what’s happened and then give the heart to Aribeth and the note to Fenthick and you’re done with the Beggar’s Nest.

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