Chapter 1 - Temple of Tyr Overview (Neverwinter Nights Walkthrough)

Chapter 1 - Temple of Tyr Overview (Neverwinter Nights Walkthrough)
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Grabbing Orders

Begin Chapter 1 at the Sanotorium where you will meet Fenthick and Desther again. Fenthick will inform you that Aribeth is waiting for you at the Halls of Justice. Now you can continue talking to Fenthick or you can go to her immediately.

Aribeth enlists your help in regaining the Waterdavian creatures that seem to have scattered around the city of Neverwinter. She gives you the Stone of Recall as an aid and the hint to first head to the Peninsula District and find out what happened there.

Note that interactions with NPCs will affect your alignment. In this manner, you can actually shift alignments during the game based on how you’ll react to situations around you.

So what now? I suggest you walk around the City Core first, stock up on items, potions and maybe even get a henchman. It’s also helpful to talk to NPCs you never know when they could give you a task in exchange for something. (Note, the sidequests for Chapter 1 will be categorized according where they can be accessed with a guide on how to solve them too, the Main Quest of the Waterdavian’s and the mysterious notes will be given separate articles.)

The Stone of Recall

This is one of the most useful items in the game for me.

The Stone of Recall lets you go back safely to the Temple of Tyr, if you feel that you’re in immediate danger or if it will save you the needless travels. Going back to where you last were will cost 50 gold but that’s better than dying now isn’t it? Yep, you can access the Stone of Recall at any time during the game.Transporting you, will also mean the transport of your henchman so don’t worry about leaving him behind.

Also, key items in the story will all be restored at the Temple Pool so if ever you dropped something essential to the story, check with the Pool first to be sure.

Fenthick and Desther

Fenthick and Desther will always be at the Sanotorium (the room behind Aribeth). I’ll dispense with giving them a character background as they’ll be there to provide details for themselves anyway.

You’ll be going back to Fenthick and Desther because of a particular quest involving unknown assailants whenever you’re on the road to finding the Waterdavian creatures (Yeap there will be a walkthrough for that too.) So it pays to know where they are. Don’t mind Desther, he’s just irritable and you’ll find a really big reason to hate him towards the end of the Chapter anyway.



Sergol is in charge of the Recall Portal. That’s where you’ll be heading off to and fro when you’re using the Stone of Recall. If you’re still sketchy about what it does, just ask him for tutorials. Otherwise, feel free to ignore him and to come and go as you please.

Judge Oleff


Oleff will be in a room, to the left of the Recall Portal. He’s a Judge of Neverwinter working for the Temple of Tyr. He’s also some sort of historian looking for the remains of Halueth Never. You’ll be going to him for a sidequest (Never’s Tomb) and also to get some writs signed for entrance to the Moonstone Mask.

Don’t scoff at the sidequest for this one as it tends to shell out pretty good experience points and a hefty number of gold.



Your Big Boss. Aribeth is who you’ll answer to and who you’ll report to in track with the main quest of the Waterdavian Creatures. She’ll also provide you with healing and temple services (mercantile) should you ever choose to do so. I suggest going into the City Core instead, as they’ll have more specialized items.

Also, I suggest you follow and listen in on the tips that Aribeth gives you whenever you ask for whereabouts of the Waterdavian creatures as the plot meshes out better than when you don’t. All in all, you can do what you want but for better time management… Follow the paladin’s advice.

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