Henchmen List and Quests - Neverwinter Nights Walkthough Part 1

Henchmen List and Quests - Neverwinter Nights Walkthough Part 1
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Henchmen Basic Info

Now Henchmen are basically essential to your gaming, especially if you want to play this game out clean. This way, when a mob of undead attack you or those pesky faeries, it won’t be that hard to take them down. As such, you should always picks a henchman that is complimentary to your own character.

Another great thing about them is that they offer you sidequests, once you get to know them well enough. And of course, sidequests means experience points, loot and some gold as well. So for Chapter 1 of Neverwinter Nights, here are the henchmen available for you and their subsequent sidequests. Happy hunting!

Tomi Undergallows

Tomi is a halflling rogue that you can enlist in your quest. He’s useful for those tricky locks, traps and doors. You can find him in the Temple of Tyr. Once you get to know him of course, he’ll open up to you and explain that he’s in need of some Official Documents to clear his name. This item can be found in Thomas Wheelwright’s Wagon Repair at the Beggar’s Nest. Look around and be sure to check. Once you do this quest for him, Tomi will bequeath to you the Ring of the Rogue +1.

Daelan Red Tiger


Daelan is a half-orc barbarian hailing from the Uthgardt Tribe. He’s been a mercenary for a year now. Make use of his strength as he’s here for the mashing and bashing making him a Fighter. On his mother’s death he left the Uthgardt Tribe and worked at the Docks for some time. As you may have guessed, the quest has something to do with mother. Gather his mother’s brooch from the Docks District you’ll find it in one of the ships by the docks guarded by three Bloodsailors. Once done, he’ll present to you, the Amulet of the Red Tiger Tribe +1

Boddyknock Glinckle


Boddyknock Glinckle is a gnome sorceror from the island of Lantan. Its one of those places with kooky inventions. He might seem useful if you’re the sort that needs long range magic working with you. His original goal in coming to Neverwinter was to find a cure for the plague, but of course for the sidequest you’re gonna wanna look for something else. Boddyknock will ask you to look for the Leaven Bread Recipe. If you accept this quest, head on out to Beggar’s Nest and look for a place called Siril’s Bakery. The recipe is there and in exchange you get the Lantanese Ring +1

Linu La’neral


Linu La’neral is a Cleric - very useful for when you need constant healing. She’s very clumsy but perky and on top of the skilled. So she’s a good cleric to keep on hand. Anyway, her quest deals with searching for the chalice of Moonbow,an important relic from her temple that was stolen under her care. So if you get the chalice back for her, (which is found in the Blacklake District in one of the cabinets in Meldanen’s Sanctum. In return for the chalice, she’ll give you the Pendant of the Elf +1



Grimgnaw is a Monk of the Order of the Long Death I haven’t used him personally but his stats are impressive. Definitely someone you want on your team. Anyhow… Grimgnaw’s Quest requires that you give him a ring from one of the deserters of the Order of the Long Death. He’ll know that its hers because of the falcon on the ring, a simple of the family crest. You’ll find this ring in the Blacklake District, in one of the houses found in No-Man’s Land. Give Grimgnaw the ring and he’ll give you love in return. Just kidding! You get the Amulet of Long Death +1



Sharwynn is a noblewoman from Neverwinter, who is now a bard. She’s useful in giving you those special bonuses and is pretty impressive in battle too. Anyway, her quest is around because her mother wanted her to seduce this nobleman named Farthington but she ended up falling for his servant, Dannen instead. Farthington caught on and she was forced to escape. When she returned to check up on her mother, she finds out the the old man kicked the can and that her mother is gravely ill. Look for the Celestial Elixir found in the Tanglebrook Estate at the Peninsula District so that Sharwynn can save her mother. In return she’ll hand over to you, the Belt of the Performer +1

Things to Remember

Note that you can get to know the history of all your henchmen whenever you level up high enough, its always nice to know something about the people you’re working with after all. Don’t forget to keep the contract struck between you and your henchman in a safe place. Once you lost that or toss it away, you’ll effectively be dismissing your henchman.

Also, if your henchman dies, just go to the Temple of Tyr and reclaim his/her services for the duration of the mission. That means technically they just keep respawning. Also, its good to establish the right party tactics. You can access this by clicking on your henchman. If you want them close to your or far away, the directions are all there. :)

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