Chapter 1- Neverwinter Nights Walkthrough , Rescuing the Dryad of Blacklake

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The Barricades

You’re third district to handle is the Blacklack District, where all the nobles are staying. However, before you reach Blacklake, you need to pass by No-Man’s Land - the land in between the nobles' barricades and the city core. After the No-Man’s Land, you end up at the actual barricades separating the rich from the poor. Talk to the Gate Captain who will brief you of what’s happening inside Blacklake.

Before you reach Blacklake, however - you’ll be ambushed yet again. Deal with these thugs and pocket the note sent to them and present it to Fenthick later. (Or ASAP if you want, you can always use the Stone of Recall you know). Fenthick will be intrigued at this so-called, “The People of the Eye”. By now, you might be starting to smell something fishy and its not just the plague victims.

How to Get to Meldanen

Inside the Blacklake District rack up the sidequests that you can get and do whatever you need to do as most of the City Core’s sidequests can be done here. Then, head on over to the Circle and talk to Formosa. She’ll explain to you the situation in the Blacklake district and how Meldanen the wizard, is hoarding items essential to survival in Neverwinter. Enagage in her sidequest to help the people out.

Afterwards, look for Milly, the cleaning lady. She’ll tell you that she used to clean all the houses in Blacklake and that when she was a teenager, she had a dalliance with Meldanen.This being said, she’ll tell you that her house has a portal into the Meldanen estate. She’ll give you the key willingly and from there go to her house and enter the Meldanen Estate.

You emerge in the estate inside a room. Look into the drawers and get the key to the North Wing. Without these keys, you can’t go to the room. So its a good idea to search around.

There is of course an alternate route than Milly’s. Go in by sheer brute force. Orrean is the guard outside Meldanen’s estate. Take him out and get his key to go in.

Exploring the Estate

In one of the rooms you’re exploring in, lies the journey of the Wizard, Meldanen. You read on to find that he’s rescued the Dryad but planned to experiment on her. However, the Dryad seems to have cast a spell on the Wizard and now he’s bewitched by the creature.

Now when you get to the part of the Estate where there’s an Exit, this half-orc named Grommin will stop you. You don’t need to kill him if you don’t want to. Just persuade him that you’re meant to be in the estate and he’ll go his own way. Don’t worry this won’t be too hard, after all he picks his nose with an axe.

Rescuing the Dryad

Before you head on down to the Inner Sanctum check out this lab, before the stairs. Its filled with lots of potions so grab them all! Just take out the Nobleman in it first!

When you get to the Inner Sanctum, talking to the Dryad will make Meldanen appear. Defeat (kill him or not its up to you) and get the key to the warehouse and free the Dryad.

Now for the Dryad, if you’re not to her, she gives you her hair for free. If not you have to kill her to get it. Either way, when you’re done - clean up all the sidequests you have in Blacklake and head back to Aribeth.

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