Battling it Out with Goblins - Neverwinter Nights Prelude 2 Walkthough

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Baptism By Fire

So off we trek into the Academy in hopes that the Waterdavian creatures are still around somehow (but that’s really just wishful thinking now is it?) Armed with Aribeth’s blessing you leave the room only to encounter a mysterious mage who will send a bunch of Goblins in your direction. Usually these Mages cannot be killed because your Attack Base is still too low, (but if you used the DebugCheats.. that might change)

I explored the other areas of the Academy first before heading onn to that big door. Once I got there, there was another mage waiting for me, he’ll send more goblins your way. Dispatch of them and go on your way to meet up with Pavel.

Having a Henchman

Pavel will tell you that his brother was killed during the ambush, among others and will offer you help as a henchman if only to get out alive. I played this with and without Pavel, it doesn’t really make much of a difference other than of course you get more help dispatching those pesky Goblins. So if you’re only playing this game once and cleanly, I suggest you get Pavel. Be sure to check up on him from time to time and to establish the right fighting tactics with him.

I don’t need to explain the importance of exploring every room. If you still don’t know why then it’s pretty simple. More exploration means more enemies, more loot and more chests to open up.

Levelling Up Basics

If you’re still alive when you reach Geldar, he will teach you what you need to know while you’re levelling up. Access levelling up by pressing the Character Sheet or the C Key. There’s really no need to get into much detail with levelling here as Character Creation basically sums it up for you. Remember that you can choose up to 3 classes but I suggest you stick to one or two as then the distribution of skills and feats will be even.

After the encounter with Geldar, keep on exploring to get to some more rooms. You’ll see a multitude of skeletons and goblins around the rooms which is of course a good thing. One of the areas is an alchemist lab, you’ll want to explore this room that’ll hold some potions that you’ll need during your quest.

Final Mage

The final room in the Academy Basement will have you battling against the Mysterious Mage. This time, instead of running away like a sissy, you’ll actually be able to fight with him till he dies. Once dead, he’ll leave you with a Wand (I got the Wand of Sleep which I think is what everyone will get.) Its worth a few gold pieceins!s if you’re not an arcane user. After the brief duel, head on off to the stables.

The Waterdavians Escape

Help out Fenthick and Desther from the clutches of the Goblins. From the stables you’ll see that the Waterdavian Creatures have escaped from the Academy. Most of them are pretty happy to escape and the Dryad just seems scared. Desther the Grouch doesn’t appreciate the help but you’ll find that Fenthick is more accommodating. He will ask your help in recovering the Waterdavian Creatures and tells you to meet up with Lady Aribeth in the Halls of Justice after a week. (Which is of course, is just after this scene!)

There we go. The Prologue is over and its on to Chapter One.

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