Peninsula District Sidequests (Chapter 1 of Neverwinter Nights)

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Peninsula Overview

What precedes this paragraph are the sidequest for the Peninsula District of the City of Neverwinter. Granted other subsequents quests items may be found in this district but what this sidequest overview will deal with are the quests found and started in the Peninsula District itself. So if you’re game starts elsewhere but of which, the answers can be found in this District head on over the the Area where the quest began to find out how to finish it.

Militia Quest

Sedos Sebile has a quest for you.

All you have to do is find out what’s happened to Head Gaoler and she’ll reward you for it. This is good as it won’t get in the way of your main quest with the Waterdavian Creatures. Once you’re done dealing with the prison menace, just head back to her and she’ll reward you for your efforts.

Now for the rewards, normally you just get 300 GP, but it doesn’t mean you strive for more right. Use either the persuade or threaten action to see if you can weasel more money out of her. But remember that threatening an NPC means that you shift your alignment towards evil. However you can also choose to not take the gold, so that’s a shift towards Good.

Tanglebrook Connections

Ms. Dulcimae

Ok this isn’t technically a sidequest as it is a way to gain more experience points but you still are required to do something so here in the sidequests area it goes, along with her compatriot, the butler.. Rescue Ms. Dulcimae from the clutches of the escaped prisoners. She is at the Northeastern Part of the Peninsula District. You need to escort her safely back to Captain Kipp and viola you get experience points.

Master John

As with Ms. Dulcimae, escort the good man back to the Captain of the guard (you can find John at the center of Peninsula District) Keep him alive and safe when you get to the barracks and you’ll get a good amount of experience points in return.

Prison Break

As soon as you enter the Peninsula District, you will be halted by the great Captain Kipp. Talk to him and get a feel for the place to know where to go and what places to avoid (like you’ll really avoid danger…) He’ll tell you of the strange happenings at the Prison and the weirdness of the Head Gaoler, Aleafin (of course you won’t know that’s his name yet.)

Once you’ve dispensed with the Head Gaoler, saunter on out to the main gates and don’t forget to say hello to Captain Kipp, he’ll wanna know what happened and knowing will in turn of course help clear his mind and focus him on guard duties more.

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