Neverwinter Nights City Core Side Quest Walkthrough- The Temple of Tyr Never's Tomb

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Oleff’s Request

Oleff who can be found in one of the rooms at the Halls of Justice will give you a sidequest called Never’s Tomb - this is in the same order with the Waterdavian Quest. He will enlist your aid to recover the artificacts once used by Halueth Never. Should you choose to help him, you need to find these articles, hopefully in time with the Waterdavian Quests.

Now likewise if you go to the Moonstone Mask, you’ll meet with a shady character named Gilles. He’ll ask you to give him the artifacts instead of Oleff and will tell you that a quill used by one of Oleff’s men is with him. Should you choose to side with Oleff (alignment good of course) make sure you get the quill from Gilles. Otherwise, endeavor yourself to give Gilles all the artifacts instead.

Briley and the Peninsula

First proceed to the Peninsula District and locate Briley, his assistant who stands guard at Miaslaznia Fairblade’s tomb. This area is just past the Militia HQ and the Mizzenmast Mercantile. A guard called Jones is standing there. He’ll direct you to Briley who is inside (show him the note) and he’ll send you downstairs to retrieve the items you need for this quest. Inside the tomb, you’ll find several artificacts that you’ll need in order to open the tombs in the surrounding city. You’ll have the Dig Logbook, Ceremonial Arrow, Shield and Sword. Don’t lose them as they’re essential to opening the tombs around Neverwinter.

Riddling Cunondrums

The second stop for this quest is at the Beggar’s Nest. When you get to the Great Cemetery there is a door, with a chest in it. Open the chest and read the torn scroll there that says, “A wall at arms length”. This means that you get to use one of items you found at the first tomb. Place the ceremonial shield in the chest and you’ve unlocked the door to the tomb. There is a mummy guarding this place, once you’ve defeated it, you’ll get the Ancient Chronicles of Halueth Never

The third stop is in the Blacklake District. Talk to a girl named Punkin and get the password to the bookcase in her house to get to the tomb of Halueth Never. Fight off four swords of Never and leave the with Halueth Never’s Rusted Armor and the thanks of a weirded out family

The last stop is the Aqueducts of the Docks District. The riddle now says, tooth of the forge. Place the ceremonial sword in the chest to open the door and duke it out with the monsters and you’ll leave the place carrying the Ancient Symbol of Tyr

Returning the Artifacts

Now every time you acquire the artifacts of Halueth Never, you are given the option to give it to Oleff (or Gilles if that’s how you played this game) right away or wait until the main quest is almost finished.

What’s the diffence you might ask? Well, completed quests (or even parts of completed quests) give out experience points that are essential to levelling up. If you are in dire need of a few XP and can’t seem to find the right lackeys to pour your frustrations out on, then solving some choice sidequests might be helpful to you.

In my case though, I chose to give them all at the end of the Main Quest (that way it doesn’t get in the way of my adventuring).

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