Neverwinter Nights - Surpassing Mutamin's Challenge

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The Basics

Go to lower floor of the Green Griffon Inn to begin this sidequest. Use the key given to you and pay Jaroo the 500 gold that he needs for participation fee. He’ll tell you that you’ll be transported to one of 5 alcoves in the south end. From there, you’ll need to navigate your way and get to the end of the underground maze facing a variety of monsters etc. My tactics should be pretty obvious, I really like taking out every creature there is so I’ve had to circle back once or twice. But if you’re not into that, one way should be enough to move you on past the first level to the next.

The First Level

At the first level, you have two ways to get to Level 2 one of them has a Spider guarding the steps and another a Yuan Ti. The Yuan Ti will ask you a question and if you get it right you get passage without having to fight. However, I suggest fighting both creatures for some great experience points .Take note that if you do fight the Yuan Ti, you won’t be getting the crystal frog from her. You’ll be picking up some choice items in the maze, a crystal skull, crystal frog, crystal insect, and a crystal egg – you’ll need these.

The Second and Third Level

On level 2, depending on routes you take, you’ll either be fighting off the Minotaur before heading off to level 3 you’ll also meet a fellow competitor named Kasma; regardless of whether you help them out or not, you get no reward whatsoever. Now here’s the rub, you can actually skip level 2 and go straight to level 3, if you take the Yuan Ti’s path. So if you want to take the shorter route, take the Yuan Ti’s trail. Now on to level 3. There are two ways to your final path, one is the puzzle room and the other is a pillar of light. Let’s take them on one at a time. For the Puzzle Room, locate Dydd’s journal near the statue after receiving the riddle (touch the statue to get the riddle). Find the right number, (19) open the right door and get your prize from the chest. Note that if you pick the wrong door, the chest will be nothing more than a trap. You’ll be getting Green Griffon Puzzle Door key and a random magical item once you’ve done this. For the Pillar of Light, take out the skeletons and give Gam a potion to help him make his way out of the place. He’ll tell you that the way to defeat the shadows is to lure them to the pillar of light. You can choose not to do this and just fight the invisible shadows if you want, but that’s your call. Either way move on ahead and try to get to the Final Room now. Be careful of Gorkan, one of the competitors in this match, he’ll probably attack you so be on your toes.

The Final Part

For the Final Round of the Competition, is another riddle match. Via the crystal items you collected in this game, you’ll be asked a riddle. A wrong answer means enemies and a correct means you get to leave without any hassle. The Crystal Egg is the answer here and all other crystals means you get to fight more monster. Personally, I fought them all first. Love the experience points!

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