Travelling through the woods - East Road Overview Quest and Area

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Archeologist’s Barracks

The Creator Races – Jax needs something from the caves of the trolls and the orcs. Take this sidequest and go exploring the caves surrounding this area. You’ll be getting the Complete History of the Creator Ruins Tome from the trolls cave. Also, Jax will be giving you a key to the barracks. During your searches, you’ll across a note from a troll explaining their fear of the levels below the Troll Caves. It seems that the rumor about the creator ruins might be true. Returning the tome to Jax gets you 500 GP but with a successful persuade check, you get of course about 250 more.

Rescue Revat’s Mother – Revat’s mother, has been captured by the trolls and he needs you to rescue her. Now, if you find Revat’s mother, she will believe you only if you show her a ring given by Revat. It seems that she has been caught in some mishap and will require your assistance in getting out. A former arcane user, Revat’s mother has cast a spell that backfired, protecting herself from the Orcs but trapping her in retrospect. If you have the ring, give it to her as it will aid in setting her free. Once you’ve set his mother free, Revat will award with some gold (note persuade check here for more) or you can refuse to take the gold in order to shift your alignment to Good.

Lenton’s Sidequest – Lenton’s brother has been killed by the Orcs and well he’s out for revenge. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the skills to do so. That’s where you come in. Bring back the Head of the Troll Chieftain and help Lenton get his revenge.

Troll and Orc Caves

At the East Road, there will be several caves here, meaning several passages to get through to the Head Troll and Head Orcs. I started this off chronologically, beginning with the Storage Area, to Level 1 and so forth.

Take out the Troll Chieftain and his minions and be prepared to collect some nice hefty loot. Keep going down all the levels and just take out the Troll that block your path. You’ll meet a rambling prisoner named Darius – he’ll explain to you (at least try to) about the mysterious things going down below the Troll Caves. Set him free if you want to.

Afterwards, you will end up at the Creator Ruins Cave. There will be certain Golems guarding the way into the preceding levels and they will ask you for certain items in order to pass. The first Golem will ask you for the Ring of Jax, look around the map until you locate a chest and the ring you’re looking for will be the right there.

The second Golem at the next level will now ask you for a password, once again look around the area and locate a scroll that will bear the password that you’re looking for. The Creator Scroll is once again located in one of the chests in this level.

The next level will have a hostile Golem so be prepared. Take him out and look for the thief that stole the Golem’s key and move on along taking out sorcerers, minogons and some helmed horrors. There are a few scrolls you can pick up to gain some insight about the Creator Races. After you take out all the Sorcerers, grab proof that you need and then get going.

The Druid Encampment

Druid Camp - Talk to Aawill and get the info about the Spirit of the Woods. Since the craziness going on at Neverwinter Woods, several druids have gone missing - locate them and get a reward for it.

· Orlane – Located at the cave along the Deep Woods area trapped in a Spider’s Cocoon

· Bree – Located in Setara’s House at the Heart of the Forest

· Tetari – Located in the Nymph’s House at the Deep Woods

Circle Challenge – to gain membership into the Druid’s Circle you need to partake in the Druid’s Challenge. Complete this successfully and you’ll be part of the team. Druids only though

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