Neverwinter Nights Walkthrough Part 1: The Basics

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Before We Begin

First, since Neverwinter Nights is an RPG that allows you the use of different Races, Characters and Alignments, this walkthough assumes you’ve already made a character and thus will not be delving into character creation guide. What will be done here, is a neutral walkthrough that will take you into the world of NWN regardless of class or job you’ve picked. If a certain quest or area is limited only to a certain character, there will be a disclaimer for it.

That being cleared, let’s start with the Training!

Meeting Bim and Pavel

Your first location will be at the Senior Barracks where you get to meet NPCs Brim and Pavel.

Pavel will update you on the Wailing Death and the possibilities of a cure. If you’re a story player like I am, then you’ll wanna get information out of NPCs so talk as much as you can.

After you’re done, approach Bim if you’re interested in the tutorial. I didn’t stick around with this much as its pretty self-explanatory but if you’re interest the low-down will be this.


Camera Controls - Top Down, Chase Camera and Drive Camera (which is what I actually like most as it lets me use my keyboard for controls)

Aside from controls, Bim will explain to you the benefits of the right click button which will indicate a set of actions that you can do for yourself or another character in game. This will also give you access to skills, feats and other abilities.

Introduction of the Quickbar is also being explained here. Note that the Quickbar is one of the essential tools in playing NWN especially when you’re in the middle of combat so don’t neglect them. Simply drag items, or skills over to a slot to be able to use them in the QuickBar Function. The SHIFT and CTRL keys also lets you add additional items to your quick bar.

The Character Sheet (shortcut key “C") will also be essential as it will display your feats, skills and abilities.

Another key feature is the Pause and Play ability of NWN. This means that you can pause your game at anytime (spacebar function) and plan out what you’re going to do next (cast a spell, heal, attack etc.) Meaning you don’t have to stress yourself out too much!

Finally, learn to Rest up! (“R” or the eye image on your menu)This heals your character and other characters in your party as well as taking out spell casts on your party without having to use skills or any potions. It’s a very important part of the game and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Training with Olgerd

Having breezed through the basic controls, move on to the Training Hall to meet up with Olgerd who will explain to you the basics of trade in NWN using your inventory (“I” Key). This is where all the items you picked up or bought along the way will be stored. Equipping of weapons, examining them and other actions will also be explained by Olgerd. When you’re done with that, the store will open up for you and you’ll be able to buy sell and even have unknown items identified.


After Olgard, meet Berna. She’ll be explaining the basics of Journal and Map use.

For the Journal, (J key) this will detail all of the quests that you’ve partaken of, regardless whether its finished or not. As you progress through the quests, the journal will also update itself. From time to time, it’s important to go back to the journal to remember what you need to do. The notes area, will also provide you with space to jot down your own notes.

As for the Map (M key) zoom in and out to see the areas, unknown maps will fill out as soon as you walk past them too. One important feature though is the pin. This is useful for the sidequests that you just keep coming back to.

Job Training

Here’s where we kinda break off. Training at the Academy will of course be dissected per Job skill. Here’s the breakdown.

Herban will teach you blunt battle skills. Parrying, fighting and long ranged attacks are what you’ll be learning here. As such its plainly obvious that the fighters are the ones who’ll benefit from this training the most. Herban will also explain the Bash technique to you (for those pesky doors and locks!) To pass, go to Corporals Dendy and Hewett who will require you to hit a target for melee weapons, learn to parry or attack using missle weapons.

Jaroo will teach you arcane magic, useful for sorcerers, bards and wizards of course. Once you’ve successfully cast a spell you’ve passed! He’ll also explain using of the Spellbook (B key) to drag spells and cast them.

Ketta will train your rouge skills so be wary! Here’s you’ll learn to unlock doors and chests, pick pockets and disarm or setup tracks Here you will be stealthy and learn to master the shadows.

Finally, Elwynnd will instruct you on the proper ways of becoming a cleric or a druid. You’ll also be learning how to cast spells here much like training with Jaroo so just follow the instructions and you’re set!

Once you’re done with all your training, your instructor will give you a special gift and send you on your way. Move on to the Great Hall and prepare to meet Lady Aribeth.

A Surprise Attack

Congratulations! You’ve passed Academy Training! Now its time to head on to the Great Hall and meet Lady Aribeth. Once you talk to her, she’ll recruit you to work for the City of Neverwinter, whether you agree or not will be of no consequence because your talk will be cut off with an ambush! Its an attack and you’re be besieged with goblins and skeletons running around.

Once you’ve taken down these creatures, Aribeth enlists your helps in securing the Waterdavian creatures. Reluctantly or willingly you will agree and once you leave the Great Hall (key included of course) you’ll move on to the next part of the Prelude.

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