Chapter 1 - Beggar's Nest A District of Undead Neverwinter Nights Walkthrough

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For the Sidequests

Wizard Lab - yep, Eltoora’s membership requirement is that you fight the Fire Mephit in here and claim some kindling wood. Again, non-arcane users can still fight the Mephit if only for the experience points.

Siril’s Bakery - poor Siril! Oh well, at least his recipe for Leaven Bread won’t go in vain. You’ll need this item for a henchman quest

Aldo and Mattily - You’ll find them at the Center of Beggar’s Nest with a broken down wagon. They’re a married couple stuck in the middle of Beggar’s Nest. They need to get out of there safely but they can’t leave without something. Talk to Aldo about a Quest.

Thomas Wheelwright Wagon Repair - You can find Hector here and the Official Papers for the Henchman Quest

Safe Havens

Temple of Tyr

This is where you go for Temple Services (healing and merchant services) and to open a sidequest for Bertrand and his brother (did you notice that the Beggar’s Nest has 2 sidequests for missing brothers? Tsk tsk)

Shining Serpent Inn

This is one the few safe places in Beggar’s Nest District. Talk to Harben Ashensmith and Drake who will inform you of what needs to be done and of what’s been going on in this district so far. Aside from this, you can choose to wander around the inn and loot for stuff. There’s a second floor with at least one container in each room so that’s always a good thing.

For the Waterdavians

Barricaded Home (Jemanie) - talk to Jemanie and he will give you some insight regarding the undead and he’ll also provide you with a sidequest. Try and put a pushpin on the map to this map so you’ll know where you’ll need to return to.

Cult Hideout - a little telling. But knock on its doors and bring the needed material and you’ll be able to get in. This place leads to the Crypt below the Beggar’s Nest and is one of two Routes to the Warrens of the Undead

Barricaded Home (Krestal) - talk to Krestal about the Sword Coast Boys and the leader Drawl to get insight about what’s happening to Beggar’s Nest.

Warehouse - this is 2nd alternative to entering the Crypts of Beggar’s Nest eventually leading up to the Warrens of the Undead. You’ll find Drawl here and the missing guard Walters.

Great Cemetery - This leads to the Warrens of the Damned where you face off with the Yuan Ti, Gulnan. The Great Cemetery is also where one of the tombs for the Never’s Tomb is found. (Check out the Never’s Tomb quest to solve this riddle)

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