Peninsula District Overview - Neverwinter Nights Chapter 1 Walkthrough

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Areas of Importance: Peninsula District

Basically, here’s a rundown of the places you might want to go to in the Peninsula District, as you’ve noticed - NPCs or areas that are directly connected to sidequests will only display a short info. I won’t go into them much to avoid redundancy. For a thorough info on them, go to their particular sidequests. (It will be indicated of course :) ) That being said, check out the places where you might want to check out.

Regaring the Prison Break

Milita HQ

This place is located beside the Mizzenmast Mercantile, there are two guards at the post and inside, Sedos Sebille lie waiting for you. Talk to her about the situation in the Peninsula and in return she will give you a quest regarding the Head Gaoler

Tanglebrook Estate - the key is under the mat, enter through here to do some looting or use this as one of many routes into the prison gates.

To know about the key you’ll have to rescue Ms. Dulcimae or Master Johns.

Sewers - battle the escaped convicts and finagle a key to the Prison Gates from the Gang Leader (yep you have to pry it from his dead cold fingers!)

Places to Conduct Business

Mizzenmast Mercantile

You can find this place at the Northeasten Part of the Peninsula District. The doors are bars instead of wood (to prevent escaped prisoners from coming in) and there is a Merchant’s Shingle just outside of the shop. I bought some magic bags here and if you haven’t bought a map of the districts yet, there are some here.

Priest of Helm

Not like the Priest strolling around the City Core, this one lets you conduct temple services with him. So if you want to buy something, go ahead and buy. Ahead I’ve purchased some magic bags from the priests and sold him some of my stuff that I picked up looting err adventuring. If you want to, he can also give you a blessing

For the Sidequests

Plague Victim Pyre - torching the plague victims give you experience points and sanitizes the district. These corpses are located all around the District so just like a fire to them and be on your way.

Wizard Lab - this is for the Many Starred Cloack Membership. You can still fight the mephit though, regardless of whether you took the quest or not.

House just after M.Mercantile - this is for the Never’s Tomb Quest with Oleff and Halueth Never. Just enter and talk to Jones about what’s going on.

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