Neverwinter Nights Chapter 1 Walkthrough - The Intellect Devourer Part 1

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Initial Passage

When you head on off to the Peninsula District, an NPC from the City Core will stop you from barging in. Announce that you are part of Aribeth’s militia and inquire about the state of the District before proceeding.

Once inside, you’ll need to talk to Gate Captain Kipp. He’s in charge of the security in the Peninsula. Talk to him about what’s happening and he’ll tell you about the mysteries with the Head Gaoler. This will give a clue as to where you need to go and what to look for.

Alternate Routes

Northeast of the Peninsula, there is a Ms. Dulcimae who needs your assistance, help her from the monsters and escort her back to Captain Kipp and she’ll tell you about Lady Tanglebrook and a way to enter the Prison via the tunnels. The key to the Tanglebrook Estate is hidden under the door mat.

Master Johns, Lady Tanglebrooks butler will also need rescuing, he’s in the center of the Peninsula District, escort him back to Captain Kipp and he’ll tell you about the key under the doormat. (Yeap similar key told by Ms. Dulcimae)

Sedos Sebile of the Militia (look for her at the Militia HQ) says that the sewers might lead to the prison gates so that’s something. If you take this route, know that there are escaped convicts waiting for you so prepare to battle it out with them to get a key to the main gate of the Prison.

An Unwanted Death

Ok if you choose to take the Tanglebrook Route, just follow what the servants told you and make your way there. In one of the rooms, you read Lady Tanglebrook’s Journal and find that her last entry was that she was on her way to visit her cousin, Alaefin the Head Gaoler.

From the underground tunnels you’ll see Lady Tanglebrook’s dead body and a Two-Bladed Sword +1. Be careful around the chessboard as there are traps all around. You’ll encounter some beetles so be sure to watch your steps.

Whether you chose to take tunnel or the main route, you’ll end up at the Prison Floor anyway. Use the lever to open the doors leading to the main floor of the Prison. Then from there use another lever from the Main Room to open the North Wing prisons. One of the guards will be set free and he’ll tell you about the prison and what has happened.

Meeting Emernik

Keep on walking the Main Floor until you’ve cleared the place. There are levels to open locked door so watch out for those. Before you enter the lower rungs of the prison, you’ll be fighting with another Gang Leader and a whole bunch of prisoners. So good luck

As soon as you get to the Containment Level, a Prison Guard will usher you into a secure room. His name is Emernik. Talk to him to gain some insight about the Prison and the Head Gaoler.

The drill’s pretty much the same here but instead of a gang leader, an Escaped Sorcerer will block your path. Get rid of him and move on to the Pits.

The Pits

At th****e Pits, open the lever first to get the first door open then continue on your way. Explore the floor first before you head on out to the Lair o the Intellect devourer. There are a multitude of chests and drawers in this Lair as well as some pretty stronger opponents. An escaped sorcerer and a gang leader await you, as well as Kurdan Fenkt among other low level convicts**.**

Kurdan Fenkt used to be the King of the Pits, until he was displaced by the Head Gaoler and the Intellect Devourer. When you beat him to a pulp, he’ll surrender to you and well its pretty up to you to decide whether he’s worth more to you alive or dead. (I killed him for the points) After this is the dreaded match with the Intellect Devourer, but if you want some more infomration about Alaefn, read up on his journal before battling him.

Battling the Intellect Devourer

At the Lair of the Devourer, you’ll be matched against the Head Gaoler Aleafin himself (or what’s left of him anyway). Now, since I believe in saving everyone *cough* Yeah right *cough* I persuaded the jail guards in the Lair to snap out of their stupor. However you can choose not to do this and kill off the guards one by one. It depends on how you want to play this, as of course more death means more experience.

Anyway.. on to battling with Alaefin. If you’ve managed to disperse of the guards (a successful persuade check will snap them out of their stupor) before hand, Alaefin will be your second to the last battle for this area. Second to the last you say? How can that be? Well dear player, once you’ve dispatched of the puppet, its time to lay waste to the Puppet Master - in the form of the Intellect Devourer.

Kill it, grab everything you need to grab and return to Aribeth with the reagent. (Oh and don’t forget to say hey to all the people who are waiting for news at the Peninsula District). When you’re done with this, its on to move on to the Beggar’s Nest and find some undead!

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