Top Rated Neverwinter Nights 2 Mods For Added Content

Top Rated Neverwinter Nights 2 Mods For Added Content
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A Brief Word About Mods

Neverwinter Nights 2 features a large and immersive original campaign, though the game has been criticised in various ways by fans of the first title. As the original title, you can expand that campaign by downloading modules (or mods); these add to or modify various in-game features and at times include an all-new story suited to single player mode.

Obsidian never released official “Neverwinter Nights 2” mods for the game – i.e. Mysteries of Westgate was sold as an expansion rather than a premium module – but the modding community remained active in developing and publishing additional content, some of which almost to professional levels.

This article lists some of those Neverwinter Nights 2 mods, rated in the hall of fame of the ‘Neverwinter Nights’ vault (accurate as of date of publication) ; the article does not review those modules but simply provides a description on content. Continue reading to make the choice of which one to download.

Planescape: The Shaper of Dreams

**Shaper of Dreams**

This single player module was recently released by Feline Fuelled Games, a German group of enthusiasts who dedicate their time to building mods for CRPG titles. It includes an all-new original campaign spanning about eight hours of gameplay. The module has been commended by the community for its voice acting, professional presentation and narrative structure, which will see your character travel through various planes in the world of Faerun. Please note that the second chapter of the module is still being translated into English, but the first is fully playable: the module is very high quality and should not have been omitted from the article.

Harp and Chrysanthemum

**Harp and Chrysanthemum**

Here is another single player campaign featuring two known organisations in Faerun, the good natured Harpers and the evil Zhentarim, together with a variety of political and religious conflict in what is a largely story-driven module. Essentially it is a low-magic world, with a few puzzles and new quests. The module is polished and professional enough though, and has won a number of community awards: download and try it for four to eight hours of an immersive experience.

The Subtlety of Thay: Chapter 1 and 2

**The Subtlety of Thay**

Ah magic, the very pillar of any fantasy realm right? At least by my opinion (or outright bias). The Subtlety of Thay is a high-action, high-magic world which will see you at the heart of a conflict between the cut-throat red-wizards of Thay and the autocratic kingdom of Aglarond (under the Simbul’s rule). There are two parts to this module, the second much more refined and clean of bugs though both belonging to the hall of fame. Recommended if you like lots of new items to your game and explorable areas filled with combat encounters.

Trial and Terror

**Trial and Terror**

The basic premise here is the Trial of Terror, which is a trial undertaken by yourself and another three players, involving lots of traps, puzzles and the like. This is strictly a multiplayer module and it is aimed at epic-level characters (level 25) with a level-cap at level thirty. You and your fellows can stock-up at the Oasis area, which features various traders and caravaners. Highly action-oriented with a medium emphasis on role-play; if you like a style leaning towards hack-an-slash download this huge world, as far as Neverwinter Nights 2 mods go.

The Maimed God’s Saga

The Maimed God’s Saga

A restricted-class campaign based around the God Tyr, for non-evil aligned clerics with emphasis on Role-playing and a low-magic/ low-power setting. really is role-play heavy and the items included are not overly powerful; you must find ways which are consistent with your cleric to defeat foes and opponents, although even combat encounters aren’t frequent. You might ask “Well, what is there to play for?” Naturally Role-players will enjoy the ambience, new locations, story and original soundtrack added here, so there is everything to play for. Download this module here.

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