Neverwinter Nights Cheat and Console Commands

Neverwinter Nights Cheat and Console Commands
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Neverwinter Nights Cheats: Activating Debug Mode

As has become increasingly popular in computer games over the last decade, Neverwinter Nights allows players to access the developer’s console, and can perform a variety of tasks through the use of console commands. Enabled with the Tilde key to the left of the number key bar on keyboards, the console appears at the top of the screen, and is marked by a yellow arrow and a slashing text line. To enable cheats in Neverwinter Nights, players must first enable the Debug Mode, activated by typing “DebugMode 1” in the console line. Once Debug Mode is enabled, other functions of the command console are unlocked, and various developer tidbits, such as script-activating world areas, are now visible to players.

Console commands for Neverwinter Nights are case-sensitive, and many commands require you to select a target. When the line “Enterint Target Mode” appears before the console command line, click on a character or object to apply the command to.

Neverwinter Nights Cheats: Commands You’ll Actually Want to Use

While there are a multitude of Neverwinter Nights console codes, only a select number are useful for the purpose of cheating. Many console commands in Neverwinter Nights affect a single character. After entering the command in the console, click on the character you want to apply the command’s effect to.

  • dm_givegold #: Gives the selected character gold, where “#” is a positive or negative number.
  • dm_god: Your character is immune to damage.
  • dm_heal: Fully heals your character.
  • dm_spawnitem X: Spawns an item at the cursor location, where X is the blueprint code for the item: “dm_spawnitem nw_aarcl007” would spawn a Full Plate. You can check item blueprint codes in the Neverwinter Nights toolset.
  • GiveLevel #: Advances the character a specific number of levels, where “#” is a positive or negative value. Negative values remove levels from the character, to a minimum of level 1.
  • GiveXP #: Gives the character experience points, where “#” is a positive or negative number
  • ModABI #: Modifies the character’s ability score, where “ABI” is an ability (STR for Strength, DEX for Dexterity, CON for Constitution, INT for Intelligence, WIS for Wisdom, and CHA for Charisma) and “#” is a positive or negative number.
  • ModSaveFort: Modifies the character’s base Fortitude save by the specified value.
  • ModSaveReflex: Modifies the character’s base Reflex save by the specified value.
  • ModSaveWill: Modifies the character’s base Will save by the specified value
  • SetABI #: Similar to ModABI, but the ability score is set to the specified value. Positive values only, up to 255.
  • SetAttackBase #: Sets the character’s Base Attack Bonus to the specified value.
  • SetSpellResistance: Sets the character’s base Spell Resistance to the specified value.

Neverwinter Nights Cheats: Why Cheat?

Though some Neverwinter Nights console commands are great for cheating, many others are useful for affecting gameplay, and some are just flat-out weird.

While Neverwinter Nights console codes can be used to take a shortcut on the experience curve or to compensate for a character’s weaknesses, the nature of Neverwinter Nights’s design and source material allows for some of these cheats to be used for more educational or exploratory reasons. The “GiveLevel” and “GiveXP” commands are appreciable on a basic gameplay level, but these commands are even more useful as a character design command. You can use “GiveLevel #” to boost your character to a given level, then explore the options available for your character’s development through the specified levels. Once you’ve finished exploring one path, use the “GiveLevel” or “GiveXP” command with a negative value equal to the value used in the first command, and your character will drop back down to their previous state, ready for another level boost and another foray into one possible branch of their development.

As dialogue plays a large part of Neverwinter Nights, boosting your character’s Charisma score with the “ModCHA” or “SetCHA” commands will give you access to extra side quests and rewards, and in some cases can change the events you experience. If you are playing Neverwinter Nights for the first time, or are in the babit of playing characters with low Charisma, this boost to your dialogue options can be especially appreciable, particularly if you want to see as much as possible in a single playthrough. This boost is also useful for Paladins, Clerics, Sorcerers, and other classes that rely on Charisma for spellcasting, as your spells will pack a bit more punch and succeed more often.


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