Neverwinter Nights Control Your Destiny PC Game Reviews

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Enter into the mystical Forgotten Realms as a dashing hero destined to uncover the hidden mysteries surrounding a dark plague destroying the glorious city of Neverwinter. Endless side-quests which alter your character’s fate make this game an addictive classic. Any Dungeons & Dragons or RPG fans will revel in the dreamland known as Neverwinter. This modernized rendition of Bioware’s acclaimed Baldur’s Gate game takes players on the quest of their lives.

Gameplay (5 out of 5)

Neverwinter Nights is in real-time. Players can assemble their own character. The storyline will revolve around the chosen character and vary throughout the game. Whether you’re a fierce gnome sorcerer, a female elven goddess, or simply an adventurer it’s up to you. Feautres such as an onscreen automap and journal are there for assistance. The automap showcases your current location with potential routes available. The journal is a handy feature to help monitor quests. Certain items allow teleportation to your starting point where you can heal and purchase equipment.

The game has four diverse segments including the campaign, toolset, DM client, and the multiplayer mode. The campaign is lengthy in D&D style as you set up and start your quest. The Aurora toolset is designed to create different campaign modules. Players have access to the Neverwinter Nights engine to produce the enchanting world of their dreams. It can be slightly demanding at times. The DM client permits players to take control similar to a D&D dungeon master. With this immense power you can re-create the circumstances of a particular individual at any point. Dictate their items, expedition, and other details. The multiplayer feature gives you the opportunity to establish your own game or join in another player’s venture. It’s totally community-driven. Neverwinter Nights goes beyond fun with endless hours of gameplay. An assortment of quests mixed with intense battles make for an engrossing game filled with a dose of magic.

Graphics & Sound (4 out of 5)

The graphics were stunning in this game. The various environments vividly portray realistic looking towns, forests, dungeons, caves, and tombs. Detailed shading combined with exquisite animations give Neverwinter Nights a polished appearance. The only minor defect was some of the henchmen seemed off-centered a bit but you can hardly notice it. The musical score is exceptional with tracks composed by the renowned Jeremy Soule, who’s definitive work includes Warhammer and Guild Wars. Each action scene is accompanied by dramatic scores and encompassing effects. They accurately set the mood for the mystic land. The voice-overs are decent as well.

System Requirements:

The standard system requirements consist of a 2.4 GHz processor, Windows 90/ME/2000SP2/XP, 5.5 GH HD space, Pentium II 450 or AMD K6-2 450, 512MB to 96MB RAM, 16MB Direct X 8.0 compatible video card, OpenGL 1.2 compliant, DirectX certified sound card, 256 MB Pixel Shading video card, Multiplayer via IPX or TCP/IP via LAN or Internet.

Neverwinter Nights PC game operates better on a computer with additional RAM and a high speed graphic card. Out-dated graphic cards or overloaded drives will make the game run slow and freeze occasionally. So, be sure to clear off some well-deserved space for Neverwinter Nights. I also recommend using a Saitek P3000 Wireless PC Game Pad for a more relaxed gaming experience. The handles add extra comfort during extended hours of gameplay.

Overall Rating: (5 out of 5)

Coined the ‘Dungeons & Dragons RPG’ Neverwinter Nights is thoroughly entertaining. It’s the perfect game for newbies starting off in RPG or long-time fanatics of the genre. This is a classic must-have game. The relevant storyline that changes as you progress into different stunning environments generate unlimited amounts of gameplay and adventure. Fully equipped with an impressive Aurora toolset, DM client, and multiplayer features gamers can create their own experience in Neverwinter Nights. Definitely worth playing.