Sidequest Walkthrough for Neverwinter Nights, Blacklake District

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In No Man’s Land

Cendran and the Half-Orc Loxar

Once you enter No Man’sLand, you’ll be approached by a guy named Cendran. He’s one of the inhavbiants of the place. He’ll inform you that aside from diseased thugs, a half-orc named Loxar is wreaking havoc in the area. Your job is to make sure that peace is regained. How do you do this? Go to the tower in the middle of No Man’s Land and fight Loxar. In sum, take his head off and show it to Cendran as proof that he’ll no longer be causing any trouble.

Beyond the Barricades

Samuel’s Rescue

Go to the Board Laid Bare and talk to Thurin, the Captain of the Blacklake District and talk about the plan to locate and rescue of one his guards, Samuel. Samuel is an inspector of the Blacklake District and he’s been digging around the Meldanen estate. For those that have animal empathy, the guard dog will tell you where he is (that’s always a good thing). If not, you’ll find him locked up in Melanen’s Estate, specifically, in one of the prison rooms. As you journey to look for the wizard, you’ll end up in the Prison Room with Samuel asking for help.Unfortunately, the doors won’t budge and you need the key to open it. The key to the prison doors is in the chest in the middle of the Prison room. Simply grab the key and rescue Samuel. Don’t forget to go back to Thurin for the reward, you’ll normally get 300GP but if you do a successful persuade check, Thurin will part with 375.

A Cunning Plan

Fermosa’s Quest

Fermosa is a noblewoman living in Blacklake district. You can actually imagine her being an activist because she can be found in the Blacklake Circle, engaging the people of Blacklake to rise up against the wizard Meldanen. Formosa claims that Meldanen has been conducting experiments and that he’s been hoarding all his grain in his warehouse - grain that the people need. She’ll want you to do a job for her, by fair means or foul. Now, here, you can choose to just get the Warehouse key that she’s asking for or go the extra mile and provide her with the deceased wizard’s silver tooth for more gold. Its totally up to you how you want to play this, either way you’ll end up with gold and experience points anyway.

So just follow the course of the Waterdavian Quest with the Dryad and you’ll basically end up finishing this quest too. By the way, if you can persuade her to give more, Formosa will cough up a Periapt of Wisdom +1.

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