Questing in Port Llast - A Neverwinter Nights Quest Guide

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Bounty Hunting

Kendrack’s asking you to look for some mercenaries for him and each one has a bounty on their head, well ear.

Zor is a minotaur rumored to have been spotted on the north road, near the Green Griffon Inn. Find him on the second floor

Wyvern is a stealthy one - he’ll try to trick you first when you meet him in the Neverwinter Wood

Stirge is a gnome you can find in one of the corners of the South Road.

Delilah, a Halfling possibly found somewhere to the East Road

Each time you return with a piece of the ear (regardless of whether you decide to kill off these escaped prisoners or not), you’ll be given 350 GP and 123 XP. However, things will be quite different with the ringleader Yesgar. Once you’ve returned all four ears, Kendrack will inform you of Yesgar kidnapping his daughter (she’s the snippy irritating girl you meet in Port Llast). Yesgar has holed up at the Orc Mines in the South Road and rescuing his daughter will earn you your reward.

Werewolf Quest

Go to the Temple of Tyr and talk to Neurik the Priest of Tyr and talk to him about the issue of the werewolves. He’ll tell you about the problem with the werewolves, of Sir Karathis’ quest and disappearance and how you’ll be able to garner some clues as to what happened to him. There are boys who accompanied Sir Karathis so glean some information from them as well. But first, Neurik will direct you to Alliance Arms Inn and talk to the boy Ander who was part of the team. Once there, you’ll also meet Alhelor, the guy who’s selling anti-lycanthropic materials.

Tomes of Imaskar

Look for Eltoora Sapyl, she’s at her place and she has a quest for you. You’re now going on a search for special tomes, What’s unique here is that every time you want to conduct business with her, you’ll have to give her a magical reagent, any of these will do: : Fire Beetle’s Belly, Bodak’s Tooth, Rakshasa’s Eye, Slaad’s Tongue, Skeleton Knuckle, Quartz Crystal, Fen Berry, Fairy Dust and Ettercap’s Silk Gland.

Below are the list of the tomes that you’re required to find and where you can find them.

· Tome of Fire: At the castle of the haunted village of Charwood to the south

· Tome of Death: At the castle of the haunted village of Charwood to the south

· Tome of Resonance: Deep into the Neverwinter Wood

· Tome of Life: Inside Brother Toras’ Tomb at the cemetery near Green Griffon Inn

· Tome of Ice: You’ll find this in Wanev’s Tower (at the South Road)

· Note that the Tomes are always in Bookshelves and that the bookshelves will always be glowing

Other Quests

Serpent’s Gem Quest

Find Elaith Craulnober and depending on whether you’re a rogue or if you have a high persuade check, he’ll be explaining to you his plight. He wants to go home and he can’t do that unless you find 3 certain gems for him. Once you find the gems, you’ll be able to talk to him into selling you some stuff or with a high enough persuade check

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