Luskan's Places of Noted Importance - A Quick Overview

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Cutlass Inn

Londa – she’ll ask you to rescue her nine children from High Captain Baram. You will be able to talk to her nanny when you’re looking for the kids and she will tell you that all the nine children are dead and show you a bear as proof. Show this to Londa which will convince her and make her leave the Cutlass.

Elynwynd – Elynwynd needs your help to rescue his sister from the clutches of High Captain Kurth. Evaine has been taken by force by Kurth and with the help of Elynwynd’s signet ring will believe that you’ve come to rescue her.

The Wink and Tinkle

Wink and Tinkle – a brothel similar to Moonstone Mask, talk to the owner for some very important quests and a way to get to the High Captains.

Bela - talk to Bela and say that you support neither High Captains and she will direct you to either Rhaine or Oreth (depending on your gender) who will both be located at the second floor.

Erb – is a male courtesan who needs your helps. He’s having an affair with Lady Jadale and is afraid that her husband will come after him because he gave her his ring. Get the ring from the Lady and give it back to Erb.

Yvette – she’s a young courtesan who seems to have made a mistake and is now looking for a clean break. She’ll tell you that she gave birth to a daughter but that the baby’s father seems to think she’s an unfit mother. Yvette will tell you otherwise and ask you to retrieve her baby back from the father, Galrone so she can leave Luskan and start a new life in peace.

Oreth/Raine – Information about the High Captains will be given and either one will give you keys to access the High Captain’s chambers stealthily, should you choose to kill them. (Which of course you have to).

Other Areas in Luskan

Jadale Estate – talk to Linda for the completion of Erb’s Quest

Mercantile Shop – regular mercantile shop if you need one, also talk to Arto Webber for magical weapons and items if you’re looking for some

Runemaster Smith – talk to him if you’re interested in buying enchanted items or weapons

Temple of Tyr – Regular temple stuff. Also, Aarin Gend will be here, so you need to report to him whenever you make progress.

Colmarr’s Fantabulous Contraption and Magical Errata – meet the inventor gnome who’ll sell you some magical stuff and weapons. He also has a quest for you. Colmarr has created a Fantabulous Contraption down in the sewers but the problem is that he’s lost the levers needed to operate the machine.

Galrone’s Estate – this is where you will get Yvette’s baby back from Galrone

Shady Character – yep you got it, stolen and dark stuff


Ghoul Outcast – help this undead creature out by attaining an amulet from his brother for him. In return he will give you a lever and the control key to the sewer

Contrapulator – the invention that was mentioned. To get this to work you need the levers scattered around the city. The lever of wind is found somewhere in the sewers itself, the lever of water is a reward by the ghoul you helped and the lever of stone can be found in the Wink and Tinkle. Attach all the levers to the contrapulator and alternate between the switches to get different types of potions for you.

Vault Room – the key to this place is given by Londa when you’ve completed her quest

Ruins of Illusk

Confront the Skull Warrior and place his head on the altar to get to the Ruins themselves. There are two levers here, left lever opens the gates and the right lever frees a Flesh Golem that will do the fighting for you. Moving on, defeat the Fallen Hero and takes his heart. You will need this to be able to move on to the next level. Finish off the Water Elemental Guardian to be able to break the third seal using Blessed Water. From there, finally face of with Valeron and finish this quest.

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