Luskan Forces, Dealing with the High Captains (NeverwinterNights Walkthrough)

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Getting to Luskan

As soon as you get to Luskan you’ll encounter enemies and will be aided by a freelance fighter named Gregor Armiste. He’ll tell you the creatures you were fighting are wererats and that the city is being run by two High Captains, Baram and Kurth. Their bases are in town and you should probably try and seek them out. But first, you need to locate Aarin Gend to get news, and receive your new orders.

Aarin will tell you that Aribeth is missing and that he’s afraid that she might have tried to extract her own form of justice. You will try to volunteer to find her but he’ll tell you that the biggest priority now is to find a way to get into the host tower. This is done through getting to the High Captains and acquiring some papers with magic seals on them. He’ll need to forge these papers in order to let you get to the tower so its important you acquire them. From that, Aarin will be able to make you a diplomatic pass to get you in the tower, so you need to get the seals.

To Skin a Cat

Now how do you get to the High Captains? You can either try to duke things out on your own and locate the areas by force or you can go to Wink and Tinkle and talk to the owner Bela. She will then direct you to Oreth/Raine (depending on your gender) who will give you the information to both High Captains and keys to get to them. The back access to Baram’s Sewers can be found in the Sewer itself,

Regardless of which path you took, you’ll end up at both Captain’s Quarters anyway so let’s start with Baram. Note also that whoever you decide to pick first will proposition you to kill the other, so decide or kill them both if you want. Anyway with Baram, he’ll ask you to kill Kurth and will also reveal information about Londa’s children (see Luskan Area Overview for details) Defeat him if you want, as well as all the undead creatures and wererats roaming around the sewers. Personally, I hate rats so you can imagine the amount of pleasure I had in laying waste to their race.

The High Captains

If you want to kill Baram you have to get to his Lair first. There are Yuan Ti’s summoning undead here so try and stop them first. Destroy the tombstones and all the skeleton priests first. That’s the only way you can lay your hand on the Yuan Ti’s. Rescue Londa’s Nanny and kill High Captain Baram and move on to the next High Captain.

The High Captain Kurth can be found at the Docks. Regardless of what path you took, you will end up confronting him anyway so I won’t go into those details anymore. When you get to Kurth’s lair, rescue the captured Yvette and Tolan Losen. He will tell you of High Captain Kurth’s plan for Luskan and his desire to summon a demon. Further down, goblins will be torching books – you can ignore them or kill them. I killed them cause, well heck who wants to see books burn? You’ll recover a book called Burke’s Manual (either via the library or on Burke’s body himself) and be able to seal off the Planar Portal somewhere here. The seal of the high captain can be found here, right about you defeat Kurth so once you’re done killing both High Captains, get back to Aarin Gend.

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