The Green Griffon Inn and Other Quest Guides

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Areas to Watch Out For

Gerrol’s House – talk to Gerrol and get some info regarding his wife and where she might be holed up.

Port Llast Mines – nothing much here yet. But this is where you’ll need to go to complete the quest for the Escaped Convicts and rescue Shaldrissa.

Cave – head on off to this cave, Northwest of the Northroad this is the entrance to the Goblin and Orc Caves

Werewolf Cave – this is where you can find Sir Karathis and cure him, eventually finding out who the real Black Wolf really is.

Gravekeeper’s Shape – he’ll let you in on one of the tombs of the Ancient Brotherhood. Go there to recover one of the Tomes of Imaskar (Tome of Life). To get to the graveyard, acquire the key from the Gravekeeper. You’ll be fighting some strong competition, so be careful and just keep fighting.

The Green Griffon Inn

Tarran – seems to be some kind of smooth talker now isn’t he? He’ll tell you of the problem that he has with his brother Neva. Seems that he’s lost track of his brother. He’ll tell you that his brother was taken captives by a group of bandits at the Standing Stones near Charwood. Once you get there though, expect an ambush as it seems that these people are working for the cult. Take them all down

Gorkan et al – the warriors getting ready for Mutamin’s Challenge. Talk to them to find out how to get your piece of the pie.

Zamithra – she won’t talk to you right now as she’s “on the prowl”. Go to the second floor and talk to her if not, take her down and get her gem required for Elaith’s quest.

Mutamin – the Innkeeper of the Green Griffon Inn. Talk to him about some merchant services or to take part in the challenge that goes on downstairs. He’ll give you a key to the Backroom but you have to pay 500 Gold pieces to get in.

Benleran – this guy is freaking out and seems that someone named Vardoc has been looking for you. Seems that someone from the cult is looking for you and intends to kill you. So be careful.

Zor – one of the escaped convicts can be found on the second floor of the Green Griffon Inn

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