Neverwinter Night Area and Quest Overview - Making your Way through Port Llast

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Lost and Confused?

It can get pretty confusing in Port Llast and you really need to get a grip on this place at least because a lot of your travels will have you going back and forth Port Llast to other areas so its important to get a good handle on where things should be at least.

Local Areas

Kendrack’s Barracks – well this is pretty much straight cut. You’ll find Aribeth and Aarin Gend here whom you’ll report to in cause of progress made. Also, all the mercenaries can be found in this area, so if you’re the type to shack up with a mercenary, then by all means do so. The mercenaries are still the same set as from when you were battling in Neverwinter. Be sure to check out the Henchmen’s Quest Article to figure out how to finish the quests per mercenary you acquire.

Docks – nothing much, talk to Captain Mung and Prichev the Docks Master in the Dock House and settle an issue there. Have a high persuade check or bribe Captain Mung into taking the shipment to Neverwinter

Smuggler – you’ll find him in the Docks too, almost just beside it. He’ll be selling you all sort of traps and an assortment of weapons and goodies

Temple of Tyr – now that the false Helmites are gone, the priests of Tyr will run the place again. The Temple of Tyr is where you’ll be teleporting to when using the stone of recall. Also, some basic temple services can be conducted here.

Alliance Arms Inn

NPCs are abound here and here are the breakdown of some of them.

Solomon – weird little guy, he seems to be gushing over you for saving Neverwinter. As a token of his appreciation, he’ll be giving you a ring. If you accept it , know that it’s a tracking device that the bad guys are using to know your every move so be careful.

Elaith Craulnober – the giver of the Serpent’s Gem Quest. Refer to the Sidequests area for details regarding this.

Ander – essential to the Black Wolf Quest so talk to him

Alhelor – he’s the guy selling anti-lycanthropic items and further into the story, you’ll discover that’s he’s the culprit (the Black Wolf) in the Black Wolf Quest.

Darktongue Breakbone – nutty little guy, he’s very interested in your quest so watch out for him

Innkeeper –well, he’s there to conduct merchant services with you

Other Areas to Watch Out for

The Cracked Anvil Aljal Throndor - talk to him if you’re looking to buy tough weapons you might need on your quest

The Cracked Anvil Blacksmith – similar to the blacksmith of Neverwinter, he’ll be able to make you special items.

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