Chapter 1 - Getting a feel for the City Core, a Neverwinter Nights Walkthough

Chapter 1 - Getting a feel for the City Core, a Neverwinter Nights Walkthough
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Nyatar, Eltoora and a Priest of Helm

Nyatar (The Great Tree) - This is just to the right of the Halls of Justice. Nyatar will provide a quest as well as sell items that are essential to Druids and Rangers.

Cloaktower / Eltoora Sarptyl - The leader of the Many-Starred Cloak is looking for Sorcerers or Wizards to join her guild. Other than that, she will offer mercantile services to arcane magic users.

Priest of Helm - he’s not really of any use unlike the other priests in different districts as he doesn’t sell any items. What’s funny here is that you can threaten him to give you money.

Shining Knights Arms and Armor

Marrok and Durga

Durga, who owns the shop and will help you stock up on weapons and armors both magical and regular. If you’re a warrior or you have a high enough Persuade skill, you will be given a ward stone, that will let you access the back room. Marrok will be there, ready to great powerful weapons and armors for you. Don’t worry, a book called the Secrets of the Forge will be provided so you’ll know what you’ll need to make something

Moonstone Mask

ophala and torgo

What city is complete without a brothel? Moonstone Mask is where you go to, to forget the troubles of Neverwinter for a few hours. There’s a courtesan outside, struck with the plague. If you want to shift your alignment to good, give her some gold coins otherwise leave her alone.

Ophala Cheldarstorn is the proprietress of the Moonstone Mask, you’ll need a writ from Judge Oleff to be able to get into the 2nd floor where all the pleasures lay (literally). Once you do, head back here and buy a Pass Goin from Torgo and of course do some trade.

The Moonstone Mask lets you experience the pleasures of the flesh. For the males, there is Tamora and for females of course, there is Tanith. Either way you only get to do this once, so enjoy. While you may scoff and laugh, tumbling with the Courtesans will actually give you some experience.

Trade of Blades

Here’s where you get to hire henchmen on your quest. (Seperate article for a list of henchmen for Chapter 1) Aside from that, there’s a merchant here that will sell you magic bags and maps to the disctricts of Neverwinter so I suggest you head on over there and buy something.

Wrap Up

That’s that for the notable places and NPCS in the City Core of Neverwinter. Check out the next chapters for guides on the main quests and side quests surrounding Neverwinter as well the breakdown of other districts, with their subsequents sidequests and NPCs to give you the best guide as you walk along the streets of Neverwinter. Watch your step and look out for the plague.

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