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City Core: Bethany

As soon as you step out of the Halls of Justice, this NPC will approach you and ask you to help her out. Her home, at the Peninsula District is now in an uproar. The Head Gaoler seems to have gone mad. To clear this sidequest, you’ll need to clear the Peninsula District of whatever troubles it may have. When you’re done, approach Bethany and inform her of the progress.

Moonstone Mask: Tamora’s Problem (Males Only)

Tamora is one of the Courtesans of the Moonstone Mask. IF you talk to her, she’ll inform you of her problems with a man named Hoff, you’ll find him in the Docks District. All you have to do is persuade the guy (by fair means or foul) to leave you alone. Once you’re done with that, return to Tamora and your quest ends.Or you can sell the brooch to Hoff and that will shift your alignment to evil. Your choice.

Trade of Blades: The Guantlet

At the Trade of Blades, talk to Graxx and he’ll let you in on a little secret for the price of 50 gold coins. In Blacklake District there’s a place called the Board Laid Bare taven and in there is the Gauntlet. Its sort of like a fighting ring, for warriors who stand to prove their mettle in a match. Something is amiss here though as the champion, seems to be cheating. Talk to the healer and even up the match and when you win, you get the inn as a reward. There are 4 rounds, each one getting harder supposedly as you go along. However when you fight off with Claudus, talk to the healer Kellisai and persuade/bribe her into making the match a fair one.

When you defeat the owner Claudus, you take control of the tavern, Board Laid Bare.

Cloaktower Membership : Arcane Magic Users Only

This is technically for wizards/sorcerers who wish to join the Many-Starred Cloak. Just gather the necessary items requested by Eltoora and you’re on your way. If not, then this quest won’t be accessible to you. The Wizard Labs where the items are located are scattered in the four areas of Neverwinter. Like the Never’s Tomb quest, I opted to do this in order. So it doesn’t take too much time.

The Labs are marked by a sundial before their doors and will all be guided by imps or mephits. Be careful. Once you’re defeated them you will be able to get what you need. (Rare earth clay, kindling wood, flask of water, puff of fog) Notice that the items are also in the order of the advices by Aribeth in searching for the creatures.

Wizard Lab in Northeast Peninsula District - the Earth Mephit guides this lab. Defeat it and grab the rare earth clay from the pile of rocks to your side.

Wizard Lab in Northwest Beggar’s Nest District - the Fire Mephit blocks your path. Fight it and claim the kindling wood inside the lab.

Wizard Lab in Blacklake District Mid-East - finish off the Air Mephit and grab the Puff of Fog from the lab

Wizard Lab in Dock’s District Mid-East – finish off the Water Mephit and get a flask of water.

Once you collected all the items, go back to Eltoora and begin your trials. Be mindful of the order as that is how you will be able to defeat the Minogon, by casting the spells in order. (Earth, Water, Air and Fire elements to be exact). Once you’ve passed this, congratulations are in order

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