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Traitor Revealed

You finally found the cure and now it seems the game is over, but is it? Well, noticed how you seem to not trust Desther much (or at all in my case)? Well you had your reasons and it was well founded trust me. During the ceremony for the creation of the Plague Cure, Desther and his fake Helmites have finally revealed their true nature and have taken off with the Cure. Lord Nasher is in an outrage and demands that you take after Desther and Fenthick (who seems to have been caught in the crossfire). Aribeth has opened a portal for you and if you want to catch them, you better go now.

Road to Helm’s Hold

You’ll be transported to the road to Helm’s Hold where you’ll be talking to this NPC named Brogan. He’s a farmer and you’ll be able to ask him some questions regarding the path that Fenthick and Desther took.

There’s a cave entrance to the side here, from this place you can enter Helm’s Hold via the entrance from the stairs down. But I really suggest that you take the main entrance. If you approach through here though, get ready to battle with Jinkies. Expect a moderately good fight.

Towards the entrance of the Helm’s Hold a strange person will stop you on way. This figure seems to have been waiting for you. This stranger says that Desther’s role has been filled out and that he’s trying to prevent the inevitable from happening.

The Guardians of Helm

If you enter through the main entrance, take note of the pedestal and the four suits of armor in the room. If you battled in the main courtyard, you’ll find an etched gem. Place that on the pedestal and have the Helm Guardians fight for you. Of course, if you’re after the experience points, take out the guardians too.

At the Helm’s Hold, you’ll find an altar room with a demon waiting for you. Chaohinon of the Void is a demon summoned by the False Helmites sent to crush the spirit guardian of Helm’s Hold. Unfortunately, his summoning was never finished and now this demon wants to be set free. There is a Black Grimoire in the room by the altar. Pick it up, if you’re into setting the demon free, if not keep it to use to banish the Demon – keep walking to the stairs going up, there is a room there and a Helmite waiting for you. Kill him and take the Ritual Book on the bookshelf before heading back to the ritual room. Now you have an option to complete the ritual or banish the demon. I suggest you banish the demon because restoring the Guardian of the Helm gives you a prize. However, both actions entail a reward of sorts, here’s the rundown for the rewards: For the Demon, you’ll get to pick from cloaks, double axes or a temporary buff. The Guardian of Helm will also give you a reward, between a magical item, weapons, a temporary buff or insights into the future.

At the Basement

Down at the basement, a boy named Johnny will talk to you about the Helmites and how Desther and his cultists seem to have killed off all the Helmites It seems that he and his father have been kept alive to serve the cultists. Also, Johnny tells you that one Helmite, the head called Dumal is still alive and kept somewhere. It would be a good idea to find Dumal and know what he knows.

Dumal will be held up in the holding cells along with someone who worked with Desther called Yari the Knife. He’s someone who’s working with Desther but has locked himself in the cells because of the rising undead. Now the cell that Yari is being held can either be opened or jammed and sealed. Afterwards, go and rescue Dumal. He’ll explain everything that’s happened to Helm’s Hold and how they were attacked by Desther’s men. Dumal will choose to stay in his cell until after all the fighting has ceased so leave him be.

There’s a chest arond here somewhere, open it to get a magic item (random pick though)

*Note that if you took the path via the cave at the Road to Helm’s Hold, you’ll arrive directly here and fight off with Jinkies **

The Traitors

Head on off to the second floor for the conflict match. Fenthick will be there waiting for you. He’ll explain to you what happened. Glean enough information on him and then go on your way to meet Desther.

Once you get to Desther I suggest you take out all the ritual creatures first,(this means the golems) before fighting Desther. They will be doing some sort of ritual, as long as these golems stand - you really won’t be able to injure Desther an iota. This set-up is designed so that no matter what happens, Desther won’t die otherwise the game won’t be able to progress and that would suck now wouldn’t it. Once you finish your fight with him, (which means hurting him until he reaches the barely injured stage) take him back to Neverwinter to face judgement.

Chapter 1 ends here, see y’all in Chapter 2.

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