Places of Interest in the Blacklake District of Neverwinter Nights -Chapter 1

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No Man’s Land

Cendran - You can find him at the entrance of No Man’s Land. He’ll give you the overview of No-Man’s land and the Blacklake District as well provide you with a sidequest

Ruined Tower - This is found at the core of No Man’s Land. Here you can locate the brutish half-orc, Loxar and his pet.

Hodge’s Estate - one of three places you go to for the Moonstone Mask sidequest. Lots of enemies to battle, good for wracking up experience points. Watch our for traps lying around and doors with lots of traps too. Better take a henchman along, Tomi could be useful here.

Rumbottom’s Estate - one of three place you go to for the Moonstone Mask sidequest. Again lots of enemies, and of course treasures to loot.

Neverwinter Zoo - This is where the Animal Rescue sidequest by Nyatar takes place.. There are guards here for you and some pretty well rounded quasi-boss fights.

Punkin - she’s the little girl standing outside her home, talk to her to find out the password for the Halueth Never sidequest.

Punkin’s house - this is for the Halueth Never sidequest.Talk to Punkin first though as without her help you can’t get in.

Wizard Lab - an Air Mephit is here. Essential for the Cloaktower Sidequest otherwise its just good practice material.The Air Mephit is actually tricky if you’ew using melee cause it keeps flying around. Expect to get a few misses if your stats aren’t that well made.

Doing Business and Others

Board Laid Bare - this is the local tavern in Blacklake. Unlike the other districts, there are no Priests of Helm here so you only have one place to do your trade. If you’ve taken the Gauntlet sidequest, winning it means that you own this tavern now and you get to collect money every once in a while.Its not much but hey, who doesn’t want free gold right?

Board Laid Bare, The Pit - here’s where you complete the Gauntlet Sidequest from Trade of Blades (see sidequest lists for the City Core)

Thurin - the Captain of Blacklake Guards, you’ll find him inside the Board Laid Bare. If you need some information about the place, then you should talk to him. Otherwise, approach him for a sidequest.

Waterdavian Relations

Fermosa - you’ll find her in the Circle talking about the wizard Meldanen. You’ll hear her continually talking as you walk around Blacklake so might as well figure out what she wants. She’ll give you a sidequest that will be connected to the Waterdavian Creature.

Milly - Milly is the cleaning lady and she’ll prove helpful into getting into Meldanen’s estate if you persuade her well enough.

Milly’s House - Look for this house if you’re planning to go to Meldanen’s estate unnoticed for a while. There’s a portal in her house that’s very useful. I suggest paying Milly 10 gold coins though.

Meldanen’s Estate - where you main quest takes place. You’ll find Samuels the guard locked in one of the prison rooms. Also, here’s where you get to find the Dryad. The Silver Chalice of Moonbow can be found here (Henchman Sidequest)

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