Getting Used to the Ins and Outs of the Docks District in Neverwinter Nights

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Notable NPCs

Neibor - he’s this creepy person skulking around the Docks looking to mug you. Once you catch him, he’ll let you in on the secret of the smugglers coins. He’s particularly harmless, just incredible annoying so you can ignore him if you want to.

Priest of Helm – The priest of Helm is much like the one at the City Core, absolutely no use whatsoever. Unfortunately that means you won’t be able to conduct any temple services with him and that he should rightly be ignored.

Festilliard - he’ll teach you 3 ways to get into the Seedy Tavern so its important to be nice to him (get a bloodsailor’s uniform, pay 5 smuggler’s coin, or get the tavern key from locked house

Auctioneer - very very important person (at least if you’re the type to stock up on special weapons and what not like me). He’ll sell you great items that you don’t usually get but the currency will be smuggler’s coins

Sidequests Overview

Hoff - essential to the Courtesan Sidequest. Otherwise he’s pretty useless and he really won’t talk to you unless you attack him in which case, he dies.

Hemmel Masterson - Hemmel is found in the lower left center of the map with his wife Agnes and manservant Morden. He’ll tell you that his family amulet has been weaseled from him by Calik and now he just wants to leave the Docks with his amulet back. You’ll be able to help him when you finish battling Calik and retrieve the Masterson amulet from his remains.

Androd Estate - one of 3 houses you need to go to, to finish the Moonstone Mask Art Theft Sidequest. This is of course, a great area to train in as a big estate like this is sure to be littered with hired goons waiting to be put of out their misery and you’re the one who’s going to do that.

Wizard Lab - Eltoora’s sidequest, battle the Water Mephit for the quest or just do it for the experience. This place can be found in the eastern part of the Docks about somewhere in its middle

Important Areas Essential to the Main Quest

Silver Sails Trading Company - this building will link you to the sewers that will host the final battle for the Docks District Waterdavian Quest. Oodles and oodles of Fire Beetles here and a couple of spiders. They’re not really that strong but irritating as a group. For the arcane users, I suggest a release of a Fireball spell.

Golden Apple – this place is run by Gilda, she’ll give a Smuggler’s Coin and will spill the beans on Calik and Vengaul. The Golden Apple is pretty much another useless place in this area as there are no sidequests for here, although there are a couple of thugs on the second floor.

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