A Comprehensive Guide to the Football Manager Franchise

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Anyone with more than a passing interest in the beautiful game has heard of Football Manager. It is the management sim that is so accurate that even real life managers have confessed to playing it. The series was born after the developer Sports Interactive split from its publisher, Eidos, and left their Championship Manager series behind. They proved that good games are all about the developer by quickly surpassing the old Champ Man series and claiming the top spot in the management sim league.

There’s a good reason for the success of the series – it is awesome. The research that goes into scouting players and creating stats for them is unsurpassed. The wealth of information at your fingertips and the tactical choices you can make strike the right balance between complexity and accessibility. There is no better option on the market.

Whether you are a rookie embarking on your first season in charge or an experienced pro we’ve got some great content for you. There are reviews and guides for the last three instalments in the FM series and we also have those all important player guides to the best young talent and the top pros you can pick up on a free contract.

Background, FM 2009 and FM Live

We’ll kick off with a quick history of football management games and a top ten round up that includes Football Manager just to set the scene. Although the FM game is updated annually many people continue playing older versions for years. On that note, we have some reviews and handy guides for Football Manager 2009 and Football Manager Live.

Football Manager 2010

The 2010 release was epic and included some great improvements to the gameplay. It may have featured a new look but the addictive factor was there as ever. You can lose days of your life crafting the perfect FM team, and most fans of the series do. You won’t find a better source of information on the game than this list. We’ve got guides for every aspect so that you can learn about the right tactics, find out how to negotiate for and buy players, and also learn who the best players to target are.

We also take a look at what you can do during the match from the touchline to sway the flow of play. There are even a couple of technical tips for editing your game and playing in windowed mode.

Football Manager 2011

Sports Interactive have a knack for improving the game every year without ever losing the core essence of what makes it so great. The 2011 version is no exception to that rule. Once again we have a round-up of handy hints and tips to help you succeed. We start off with a review of the game then move onto getting started, training, tactics, contracts and playing matches.

One of the reasons that many fans stick with a specific version they like, even when a new game comes out, is because of the time they put in discovering great prospects they can nurture into world stars. We’ve done some of the hard work for you here with a comprehensive guide to the wonder kids in FM 2011. Just in case you’re on a shoestring budget, we also take a look at some great bargain buys and free contracts.

Hopefully one of these guides will help to guide your team to glory in the league and cup. If you have any tips of your own then feel free to post a comment. Stay tuned at Bright Hub for all the best guides on the next Football Manager release.

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