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Football Manager 2009 Tips, Tricks and Cheats

by: Simon Hill ; edited by: J. F. Amprimoz ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Football Manager 2009 is an addictive game and guiding your chosen team to success can be tough. In this article we provide some tips and tricks you can use as well as some cheats in order to improve your chances. There's also a list of suggested players to sign, both free transfers and wonderkids.

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    Football Manager 2009

    Football Manager 2009 The Football Manager series is deeply addictive and guiding your chosen team to promotion, league, cup or European glory takes some serious dedication and effort. If you are currently battling away with Football Manager 2009 you might be interested in a few tips and tricks and maybe even some cheats. On the second page of this article you'll find a list of recommended signings, both free transfers and wonderkids.

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    Cheat for Cash

    One of the biggest problems you face as a new manager is finding the cash to build your own squad. Every new manager wants to stamp their own mark on the new team but you inevitably inherit a squad of players some of whom you probably don’t want. If you don’t mind cheating then you can always add a new user, take control of a rich team with a good reputation and buy your dead wood away for high prices. You’ll want to do this during the transfer window so the cash comes straight in and the player goes straight out. Once you have sold off your surplus players and built up a nice cash reserve simply retire the new user. I’d recommend doing this with a rich team in another league so it doesn’t impact on your future games.

    Another way you can make cash without losing the player is to set up a loan deal with a cash payment attached. When the player arrives at the new club and the fee has been paid just terminate the loan deal. Manchester City have the largest starting budget at over £80 million, Arsenal get £38 million, Chelsea get £30 million, Tottenham get £27 million, Manchester United, Blackburn and Middlesbrough all get around £10 million.

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    Use Assistant Manager

    There are various ways to make life easier in Football Manager 2009 and one of them is to delegate properly. If you don’t like having to play friendlies before you get into the season then have your assistant manager do it. You need your players to build their fitness but it can be a real chore to play through five meaningless friendlies especially if you have already worked out your tactics. Well you don’t have to, simply go to your manager page and open the menu. In Game Settings you will find the option “Assistant Manager takes control of friendly matches". You also have the option to let your assistant manager take care of press conferences.

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    FM 2009 Free Transfers

    FM2009 screenshot Success in Football Manager 2009 is really all about the players. At the start of the game there are a number of players available on free transfers. They aren’t necessarily worth getting if you have tons of money to spend or a deep squad, but for teams looking to shore up an area on a budget they could be a big help. If you've already uprgaded to the latest version of Football Manager then check out our Bargain and Out of Contract Player Guide for FM2010.

    • Stephen Carr (DR)
    • Hatem Trabelsi (DR)
    • Ian Harte (DL/WBL)
    • Seyfo Soley (DC,DM,MC)
    • Karim Saidi (DC)
    • Sergiy Fedorov (DC)
    • Phillippe Christanval (SW/DC)
    • Edgar Davids (DM)
    • Appiah (MC)
    • Brian Kerr (MRC)
    • Gravesen (MC)
    • Gerard (MC)
    • Michael Adeyinka (AM)
    • Reginaldo(AM/FC)
    • Fredrik Ljungberg (AM LR)
    • Mustapha Hadji (AMRC)
    • Mohamed Kallon (AMRC/FC)
    • Ronaldo (ST)
    • Sebastian Abreu (ST)
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    FM 2009 Wonderkids

    If money is not a concern and you are looking to build a great team then wonderkid signings are always great. Young players with huge potential likely to develop into the superstars of tomorrow are called wonderkids in Football Manager 2009. You can find a list of some of the best young players here. Here are a few more young players who are well worth signing, their price tags vary. If nurtured correctly these players should all develop into fantastic signings. Once again if you've upgraded to the 2010 version of Football Manager check out our Best Young Player Guide for FM2010.

    • Sergio Asenjo (GK)
    • Rui Patricio (GK)
    • Remi Riou (GK)
    • Vincenzo Fiorillo (GK)
    • Lorenzo De Silverstri (DR)
    • Marvin Angulo Bordon (DR)
    • Davide Santon (DR)
    • Nenad Tomovic (DR)
    • Marcelo (DL)
    • Armand Traore (DL)
    • Sebastien Boenich (DL)
    • Emilliano Insua (DL)
    • Leo (DC)
    • Domenico Criscito (DC)
    • Fabiano Santacroce (DC)
    • Mamadou Sakho (DC)
    • Jack Rodwell (DC)
    • Kyriakos Papadopoulos (DC)
    • Marek Hamsik (DMC)
    • Ignacio Camacho (DMC)
    • Nuri Sahin (DMC)
    • Zdravko Kuzmanovic (DMC)
    • Eyoung Enoh (DMC)
    • Lautaro Acosta (MR)
    • Alex Witsel (MR)
    • Pavel Mamaev (MR)
    • Nordin Amrabat (MR)
    • Juan Manuel Mata (ML)
    • Angel Di Maria (ML)
    • Fausto Rossi (ML)
    • Rodney Sneijder (ML)
    • Miralem Pjanic (AMC)
    • Sebastien Giovinco (AMC)
    • Giovani dos Santos (AMC)
    • Diego Buonanotte (AMC)
    • Jack Wilshere (AMC)
    • Georginio Wijnaldum (AMC)
    • Douglas Costa (AMC)
    • Rui Fonte (AMC)
    • Bartosz Salamon (AMC)
    • Haris Vuckic (AMC)
    • John Fleck (AMLC/FC)
    • Pato (SC)
    • Mario Balotelli (SC)
    • Jozy Altidore (SC)
    • Guilherme (SC)
    • Marquinhos (SC)
    • Henri Saivet (SC)
    • Alexis Sanchez (SC)
    • Alberto Paloschi (SC)
    • Vaclav Kadlec (SC)

    Finally for a bit of fun the Sports Interactive development team have included themselves. You can type faceinthegame into your search box to find them.

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