The Best Mafia 2 Complete Guide

The Best Mafia 2 Complete Guide
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“Im gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse”

Mafia 2 is the best mafia videogame ever released, and many video game critics believe this to be true. Released in August of 2010, Mafia 2 features over 50 hours of original game play, over 50 real-world vehicles to drive, over 20 historically accurate guns to fire, and a wicked sense of humor and dramatic storytelling. Of course, because Mafia 2’s gameplay is so varied and immense, the game itself can be quite overwhelming for both new and experienced virtual mobsters alike.

The overall feel of the game is a tried-and-true _Grand Theft Auto-_esque formula. Complete storyline and random missions exist to allow advancement in skill, power and respect through the Mafia world, backstabbing a few guidos as you do it, of course. The third person camera lends itself well to the game, but you can read more about it in the excellent Mafia 2 preview found below.

Mafia 2: The Early Game

While many games released today like to hold your hand and walk you through some sort of relaxed training exercises, Mafia 2 throws you to the wolves almost immediately. As soon as you start your new Mafia 2 game, you are tasked with storming a town hall full of soldiers. Get used to the control scheme, because from here on out it only gets more intense. Check out these excellent Mafia 2 beginner’s guides to keep up the pace.

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Mafia 2: Things are Heating Up in Here

The two main focal gameplay points of Mafia 2 are the guns and the vehicles. “Chapter 5: The Buzzsaw” makes you use both a powerful machine gun and several different cars effectively to be successful, but that is only the start of your Grand Theft Auto‘ing schenanigans. Of course, Mafia 2 isn’t always about having the most powerful guns or fastest cars, it is about being smart with what you have. Remember, the best driver is one who can quickly manuever his way out of any situation, not just speed ahead on a random blitzing path. Study the mini-map and know where to go if you get into trouble, and check out these guides if you need help. Of course, the best part about the middle of the game is that you get access to Oyster Bay, a more exciting area to explore.

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Mafia 2: Out of the Frying Pan and Into The FIre

The last 5 chapters of Mafia 2 pull together everything you have learned about the game’s mechanics and force you to be on your toes to survive. A huge mafia-family war is about to go down, and you are the guido that started this thing. Half of the city is gunning for your head, so you have to drive fast and quietly, as well as shoot straight, in order to make it through this game alive. Where the first half of Mafia 2 was The Godfather Part 1, the second half is much more Goodfellas (aka much more violent). Check out the Mafia 2 guides for the last part of the game.

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Mafia 2: DLC Guide

Great games like the Grand Theft Auto series and the Mafia series almost never let a good opportunity to expand their content go to waste. That is what downloadable content is for. Glorified modifications to the main Mafia game, DLC adds in new content and rebalances some issues in the vanilla Mafia 2 game. Jimmy’s Vendetta is the first DLC available for Mafia 2.

Mafia 2: Secret Goodies!

As with all 2K action-adventure games released nowadays, Mafia 2 is filled with easter eggs, secrets and fun collectables. Issues of the scandalous Playboy Magazine are scattered throughout Mafia 2, 50 in total, and there are numerous achievements for collecting them all. Check out these guides to find out where all of your secret Mafia 2 goodies are.


Mafia 2: Best Organized Crime Game Ever?

While the Mafia series is a Grand Theft Auto clone, it also has a more coherent, tight story and better shooting elements. So where does it rank on the list of the all time best crime video games? Check out this article below to find out.

So does Mafia 2 live up to its predessors reputations? Check out this review below, play Mafia 2 and decide for yourself!

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