Mafia 2 Walkthru - Chapter 5: The Buzzsaw - The MG42

Mafia 2 Walkthru - Chapter 5: The Buzzsaw - The MG42
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A Lady’s Honor

This is basically the mission from the demo, but there are a few differences along with a lot more prep work.

Get dressed and head outside. You’ll see Joe’s girlfriend get hassled by a guy out in the parking lot. Step up to him to challenge him to a fight. He’s actually pretty tough, but it’s a rewarding fight. Get your block up to dodge his first combo and hit him as soon as you can with a hard hit combo to knock him off balance. Follow it up with a few more hits and try to get him against a car. That should let you do a context combo to slam his head against the car and end the fight.

Winning the fight nets you $50. You also get to take his Jefferson Provincial. You don’t even have to lockpick it, since it’s already running.

Meeting Harry and Picking Up The Buzzsaw

Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Harry and the MG42

Drive down to Freddy’s and meet another friend. Luca’s got a mission for us, but there’s a bit of legwork to do first. Go back out and drive to the marked gunshop. Swing into parking lot and ring the buzzer. Walk inside and meet Harry. After a long conversation, carry the crate up and load it into the van. You have to take this van to the mission point to get the MG42 there.

Don’t go too fast or even try to weave in and out of traffic too much. The car doesn’t handle well and is really loaded down. It also struggles to get up to 40 and seems to top out at 60, so you’re not going to outrun the police. If worse comes to worse, just get it across the bridge and ditch the car in an alley. Run around a few corners and hide until the police lose your scent.

Drive to the marked spot to trigger the assassination.

The MG42 Ambush

Of course it can’t go perfectly. Use the MG42 to blow up both cars and take out the four men on the ground. Run down the steps and get your gun out. Follow them out and wait for Joe to run out and suppress the two new guards. I suggest you go out to the car out front and use it for cover. Look to the left to pick off the gunman there, then run out and gun down the other.

Storming the Brewery

Mafia II Walkthrough - Storming the Brewery

Run up to the door and kick it down. There’s two guards in here. If Joe doesn’t get them, you’ll have to do it. Take cover on the low wall and pick off both men with your gunfire. Follow Henry to the right and pick off the guy by the pillar. Run up and go around the crates to the right to flank the gunman behind the pillar. Look on the ground. If Joey didn’t kill a man with a shotgun, then he’s waiting for you on the stairs. Face the stairs with your pistol drawn, strafe across the floor and make sure that you get the first shot. If you don’t, he’ll probably kill you with the first blast. Run up and grab his shotgun (or just more ammo if you already have one). Switch to the shotgun and blast the guy at the top, then get behind the counter.

Blast the two men in front when they pop up and follow Henry to the left. Try to move up quickly and get behind the counter. Two men with shotguns are coming down in the elevator. Try to get behind cover and take them both out as they step out. Grab their ammo and get into the elevator.

Push the button to get to the fourth floor. Break to the left and take cover behind the packages while the machine gunners try to shoot you through the door. Go through the door on the left and make it to the end. Use the corner for cover and blast both of the tommy gunners. If you miss one, then Joe will probably run up and finish him off.

Grab a tommy gun and some more ammo, then go to the staircase. Don’t just rush onto the stairs. Take cover by the doorway and wait for the gunner at the top to run out of ammo. Gun him down while he reloads. Look to the right and watch for the muzzle flash to locate the second gunner. Strafe to the left as you fire to take him out. Move up to catch up to your target.

Watch the scene and get ready for a rough escape.

Escaping the Brewery

Mafia II Walkthru - Chapter 5 - Reaching El Greco with a Wounded Henry

While Joe picks Henry up, look in the back corner for another playboy. Run down the steps and across the floor. The elevator is toast so go down the steps to the third floor. Move forward on the right side but watch the door. Three more thugs are waiting. Just fire bursts through the door as they try to come out and you should get two of them. The third should take cover. Just watch the door and take him out when he leans back out.

Run forward and down the steps past the second floor and down to the first. Curve through the middle and avoid the fire. There’s some fresh air and light in the back left corner. The workers got the door open (one was pounding on it earlier trying to escape the firefight), so go out to trigger the next cutscene.

We’re on a fairly tight time limit and any damage to the car will hurt Henry. You need to drive fast and drive well. There’s also a level 3 warrant out on you and the car. Go through the fence and go out toward the bridge and the highway. You should be able to just outrun the cops. Make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to slow down before the next turn though.

As you come up to the next big bridge, don’t freak out over the waypoint map. It will probably suddenly shift as you approach the bridge. Just drive across it to reach El Greco’s house. Once you make it back up the hill, you should be home free. Get through the gate and pull up next to the house to trigger the cutscene. Note that you can still have a police tail and trigger the end. It won’t matter. The cop will disappear. Henry will hand over $2000 as your payment for the hit.

Your Father’s Debt

Unless you’ve scrapped a lot of cars, then this is probably your first time to pay off your father’s debt to the loan shark. Drive on back home. You have a wanted poster out for you, but there’s a clothing store right at the bottom of the hill. Just run in and buy a casual suit to drop that and drive back home in peace. Pay off the debt and then head back to Joe’s place. Go to sleep to end the mission.

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