Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 1: The Old Country

Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 1: The Old Country
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Storming the Town Hall

We’re starting out in WWII for this one. There are some Italian soldiers about ready to punish the resistance fighters. It’s our job to stop it. I know that this is the tutorial level, but I’ll still give you the full walkthrough.

Lean out and line up your shot carefully. You don’t want to miss the first shot. Hit the commander in the head and then aim above the crowd to hit the two men with him. Watch the stairs for a soldier with a SMG. Wait for the crowd to clear a bit and then advance through the market. Go ahead and grab an M40 off of the ground.

The machine gun will cover the door and the upper part of the stairs. Walk up on the left side and climb through the window with your allies. Enter the next room to find the central machine gun nest. Take cover on the wall and equip a grenade. Just lean out and throw it through the window. It will land true through a cutscene, so enjoy the blast.

Walk up a bit to the armory. Grab whatever you want. You can get another SMG and a pistol if you want. I suggest that you grab it for the extra ammo. Approach the door and take cover while your allies kick it in. Shoot the soldier walking down the steps, wait for the explosion to take out two of the men up top and then pick off the last one.

The Counter-Attack

Mafia 2 Walkthorugh - Chapter 1 - Defending Town Hall

Run up the steps and go to the left. Make sure that you have your SMG out. Take out the first soldier as he tries to bound over the table. Another will come out from the left side behind the file cabinet. Just drop him.

Move up a bit further and find the soldier holding the prisoner hostage. Not much you can actually do here. If you take too long to make the shot, your ally will take it. It won’t matter though, since gunfire from the other side of the door will kill them both anyway. Take cover behind the desk until it stops, then follow your allies out the door to the balcony.

Take cover on the balcony and fire on the soldiers below. Just keep firing and try to focus bursts of fire on groups. Advance to the machine gun nest and take up your position.

Fire on the truck in back to blow it up and thin out the group. After that, just keep firing at groups of soldiers. Watch the shooters on the church across from you and make sure that no one gets too close. After a while, a tank will roll up and ruin the party. Go ahead and shoot at it, but just wait for the inevitable. After the cutscene rolls, the chapter will end.


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