Mafia II Walkthrough - Chapter 2: Home Sweet Home

Mafia II Walkthrough - Chapter 2: Home Sweet Home
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Heading Home

For now, just enjoy the drive. Look around and take in the view while you don’t have to worry about running into anything. After a little trip, you’ll end up the bar. Enjoy the cutscene and you’ll wind up back in the old neighborhood via taxi.

You can talk to the newstand owner and enter the diner to talk to a few old friends. You’ll run into a few more on the walk back to the apartment. Just follow the side streets and you’ll find it just fine. Walk up to the apartment to enter and have dinner. You can talk to them a bit more. When you’re ready, go into your room and go to bed.

Put on your leather jacket and head back out to talk to your mother again. Walk down and outside. You’ll find Francesca talking to the loan shark outside. Go through the fist fight tutorial and then put it to good use. I got him down with a few hard hit combos and then kicked him in the jaw as he was getting back up. That should work.

Run over to Joe’s place. It’s not too far away. Just run across the streets and go inside the marked building. He’s up on the third floor. Just go up there and make it to the end of the hallway.

Our First Car


Mafia II Walkthrough - Changing the Plates

oe has a bit of a mission for us, so the action is about to really start. Note that the first playboy is on the table. Pick it up before you leave. Walk out the back exit with Joe and go to the garage. You can drive the car for a bit. I suggest you just take it slow and get a feel for the driving. Follow the red line to get to Giuseppe’s. It’s pretty easy if you take it slow and don’t try anything too fancy. Note that you actually have to pull off the road and approach the building to trigger the cutscene. Joe will just stay in the car and get mad if you park in the street.

Once the cutscene rolls, pick up the discharge papers and then buy a set of lockpicks. Go ahead and test out the lockpicking game on the lock in back. It’s not too hard. If it helps, hold down the button and let the key rise above the green zone. Lock it into place with the wrench when it slides back down.

Walk outside and put our new skill to use. Pick the lock on the car and get in. Carefully pull out and avoid the patrolman. Don’t run him over. We have to also ditch the police car out in the street. If we don’t kill the cop then they won’t call for backup or start shooting at us.

Note that car chases in Mafia 2 aren’t about speed for most of the areas. Unless you can stay on a long straight of straight road, you can’t just outrun the cops. In fact, going fast will probably just bog you down and cause you to spin out or crash. Take it slow and swing corners hard and clean. Speed down the side streets and turn again. The cops usually go a little too fast and can’t take corners that well.

Try not to run anyone over and make sure that the cops don’t get too close to the car. If they do, they’ll also report your description. We don’t have money or a chance to change our clothes, so that will stick for the rest of the chapter. After you ditch your tail, carefully work your way to the nearest body shop. Just follow the line, but watch the radar for cops. Take detours if you have to do so. You can’t go to the body shop with a police tail. Quickly swing into the garage and legalize the plates. You can also repair any damage and tune up the engine for free this time around. Once you’re ready, pull out and hit the road in your new car.

Bruski’s Job - Stealing the Car

Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 2 - Stealing the Car - The Shotgun on the Shelf

Drive up to Mike Bruski’s junkyard. It’s not too far, but take it slowly. You aren’t on highways so don’t speed and don’t try to do too much weaving around traffic. We don’t need more police attention. Once you pull into the scrapyard you’ll get a cutscene.

Go ahead and try out your new pistol. Hit the actual tires on the wreck and then put a round in the marked gas tank for a pretty explosion. We’ll get our first real mission after this little test. We need to steal a car off of known gang turf. Let’s get started.

Just take the trip down to the Lone Star bar and go inside. Go through the door by the bartender and make sure that you pick up the shotgun on the shelf. There’s no reason not to grab. Walk out and you’ll run right into a gang member guarding the alley. There’s a few context sensitive takedowns. I think a hard hit combo can open him up for a headbutt into the open door. Just keep an eye on the bottom of the screen and make sure that you dodge a bit. This guy can really pack a punch. Once he’s down, run to the car to trigger the next scene.

Bruski’s Job - Escaping

Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 2: Escaping with the Car

You don’t have to shoot it out with the gang here (They’re called the Bombers, but it doesn’t really matter). If you want, you can take cover by the car and use your new shotgun to bring the three men down fairly quickly. Smash the window and take the car out to the street. There will be a car waiting for you. Drive for a little bit at first. He’s pretty hard to lose, although the police will help out a bit if you’re not wanted (Which is why I told you to be careful for most of the level…although they might still want to arrest you too, so don’t count on getting away easily). The easiest way to handle this is to get out of the gang turf and then swing into a yard by one of the houses. Jump out and take cover by your car. Pull out your shotgun and waste them both or at least take out their tires.

Lose any police that might be tailing you and then take the car back to the scrapyard. If you have a persistent police tale or they mark the plates as wanted, then don’t worry. There are a few twists and turns on the final road to the scrapyard, so just keep moving and drive around a few corners or alleys to ditch the tail. Pull into the scrapyard to finish the job.

All that’s left is to drive home. The plates aren’t marked and you don’t have a wanted level, so it should be uneventful. Go back to Joe’s Apartment and go to the sleep.

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