Mafia 2 - Jimmy's Vendetta Guide - Car Theft Missions

Mafia 2 - Jimmy's Vendetta Guide - Car Theft Missions
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Introduction - Car Theft Missions

There are several car theft missions in Jimmy’s Vendetta. If you want to pick up the carnapper achievement and pick up a few cool cars, then you’ll want to do this missions well. This guide will cover all of the missions and explain how to do them with minimal difficulty and hopefully no police response.

Shubert Pickup Theft

A quick car theft mission to get us started. Try to avoid any wanted levels and it’s a piece of cake. Just trigger the mission and sprint across the road. Jump the fence and walk into the parking lot to find the Shubert Pickup. Pull the driver out and quickly get inside. If you drive away fast enough, then he won’t try to fight you. Drive through the yellow fence and take the side rode to the port. Drive through the parking lot in front of the docks and turn through the gate to find the marked garage. Park the car inside to end the mission.

Smith Coupe Theft

This one’s on the road and being driven. It should just be a block over down an alley. You can use another car to cut it off and stop him, or just run in front of the moving car. I suggest that you just use the pistol to shoot the driver through the windshield. Jump in and drive it down to the garage on the dock to end the mission and collect your reward.

Hank Fuel Truck Theft

Jimmy’s Vendetta Walkthrough - The Marker for the Car Theft Missions

Another quick one. Jump back into your car and crash through the gate. Pull up next to the fuel truck and jump inside. You shouldn’t have a wanted level, so just carefully drive it through the streets with the speed limiter on. Make sure that you slow down before turns and stick toward the middle of the street with the horn blowing. Just take your turns carefully until you make it to the docks and you should be fine.

Shubert Beverly Theft

Finally, we get to keep the car we steal. This one is hidden behind a gate on a side street. Drive over and jump the gate. Get into the car and pull through it and make your way out to the street. Note that we’re actually going back to our apartment in Oyster Bay for this one. The car’s plates are wanted, so either drive fast or stay clear of the cops. The good news is that its only stolen, so they won’t start shooting unless you kill someone in it.

Just make your way back and lose any police officers with simple speed. The car is fully tuned and handles well, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Part the car in your garage to wrap it up.

Shubert Hearse Theft

Pretty easy mission. Drive up to the church and get out. Steal the hearse and carefully push through any churchgoers as you drive through the main exit. It doesn’t have much speed, but it handles well. Drive it up to the new garage location in the north end of the map to end the mission.

Military Truck Theft

Jimmy’s Vendetta Walkthrough - Car Theft Mission - Military Truck Theft

We finally get a real challenge with this one. The truck is parked by the car wash at a nearby gas station. Pull up to it and quickly take cover behind your car. The soldiers won’t expect anything until you start shooting, so let them have it quickly in a good ambush. Try to kill the first two quickly and then wait for the third. If a cop makes it to the scene in time, kill him too. Jump in the truck and drive away quickly. If you moved quickly (or shot the first responder), then you shouldn’t have a wanted level. Get the truck to the fairly close garage to end the mission. It’s slow and handles poorly, so take the turns gently. You don’t have too far to go, so it isn’t a race.

Berkley Kingfisher Theft

This is another one for us. Just grab the car and drive it home. Nothing too special about this one, except it’s a long trip. If you don’t speed or attract attention, then you can just sit back and enjoy the radio while you drive home.

Jefferson Provincial Theft

We’re taking this one from the car lot (we finally get to do something involving the Diamond Motors dealership). Just crash through the gate into the back parking lot. There are two security guards. Shoot one quickly and then try to take out the other before he gets off too many shots and attracts attention. Run to the car and smash the window to steal it. You should be hidden enough to lose any wanted level you picked up. If not, just floor it and lose the police in an alley. The only danger is that police cars might manage to box you into the back lot. If so, you’ll have to push past them and hope they don’t manage to get a headshot. It’s a fairly short drive for this one, so it isn’t a big deal once you get away from the cops.

Potomac Indian Theft

Sadly, this is another complete milkrun. The only tough part is that you have a very long drive home. Just take your time and make it to the garage without wrecking the car.

Walker Rocket Theft

Jimmy’s Vendetta Guide - The Ascot Bailey Theft - Finishing the Carnapper Missions

This is another milkrun mission. Just grab the car from the marked alley. It’s another long drive, but the bridge should give you a nice shortcut and a chance to get a lot of speed out of this fast car. Just remember to slow down at the end of the bridge to avoid killing yourself.

Police Bus Theft

Shockingly, this is a really boring theft. The police bus is just sitting out by itself in an unguarded lot. You should be able to just get inside and drive it over to the marked spot at the docks. It’s slow and handles poorly, so either take your time or use it’s incredible mass to just push everyone else out of the way. There isn’t even an automatic wanted level for stealing it, so good drivers will have no trouble.

Ascot Bailey Theft

Note that this is basically just the reward for wrapping up the series of car theft missions. Just grab the Ascot Bailey that’s marked on your map and enjoy your last ride for the car theft series. Enjoy your new “Carnapper” achievement.