Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Jimmy's Vendetta - Italian Missions

Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Jimmy's Vendetta - Italian Missions
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Mafia 2: Jimmy’s Vendetta - Introduction

The story isn’t exactly War and Peace. Jimmy was betrayed by two men, Sal Gravino and Tam Brodie. We’re going to kill Sal Gravino by working our way up his entire gang. Note that you have to go through the missions in each tier before you can go up to the next one. This means that you can just kill one gang and then start on the other. You have to do the car theft missions and also do the Irish Missions to open up the next mission for the Italian path.

Lost in Transit

The first story mission against Sal. You just need to blow up a few cars at the docks. Taking the mission spawns two cars in the lot. Just steal one and drive down to the docks. It’s not a far trip. Go through the gate and turn down to the warehouse. Park by the four cars and try to stay in front for an easy exit. The guards won’t suspect anything until you start shooting. Try to kill the two guards in front before you even start. That makes things a bit easier.

You can blow up these four convertibles by using the shotgun right above the back left tire. Get the two in back and then take cover by the concrete barrier. As many as four guards might be coming around. Use the shotgun or pistol to take them out with ease and blow up the two cars in front. Get back into your car and drive out of the docks and park on the first corner at the safe zone. Hit the icon to end the mission.

Trash Trailer

Jimmy’s Vendetta Walkthrough - Trash Trailer

A quick one. Bring any car to the marker and then trigger it. Drive over and find Pepe Gambino’s car. Put the speed lmiter on and just follow him. He obeys all traffic laws, so just hang back and enjoy the drive. After a minute or so on the road and highway, he’ll park on a curb and run over to a contact. Just walk up and shoot them both. If you holster your gun and run away, the cops shouldn’t catch you. You can either drive to the safe zone or jump over the fence and run across the road to reach it.

The Good Word

Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Jimmy’s Vendetta - The Good Word

Another simple takedown mission. Run up to the first marked dealer on the street and start a fistfight. He should go down after two light combos. It’s even faster if you can push him against the wall and do the context sensitive takedown.

Repeat the same trick for the second. The third dealer will have two guards waiting with him and he will also run and hide behind a dumpster. I personally took my car down the alley and used it to get on the other side of the dumpster and then used the car itself for cover while I killed both guards and the dealer with my shotgun.

End the mission by going to the safehouse icon.

Tanker Trouble

Mafia 2 DLC - Jimmy’s Vendetta - Tanker Trouble

This is a fun one. As soon as the mission starts, jump back into your car and start driving. Note that it doesn’t matter if your car is fast, since we’re going to sacrifice it anyway. Swing right in front of the gas tanker and stop. He’ll probably try to push you a bit, but if you get in his path he’ll eventually have to stop. Then, just jump out and pull out a gun. Take a few steps away to avoid killing yourself and shoot the tanker. It will explode after a few hits. The explosion will startle a number of motorists and make them ditch their cars, so grab a new one and drive to the marked gas station.

For this one on the West Side, just pull up, park in the street and blast both trucks. The explosions should kill everyone and prevent a messy firefight with police. Jump back in and drive to the other gas station on the East Side. The trucks are a little more obscured, so park in the street and just slug it out with the gangsters for a minute. Use the car for cover and try to pick off a few. When the cops come, holster your weapon and let the two sides fight amongst themselves. Circle around back to hit both tankers.

Steal the nearest car and quickly get away before you get a wanted level. The safe zone is just a short drive. Get to it to end the mission.

I Got the Stones

Jimmy’s Vendetta Walkthrough - I Got the Stones

Drive out to the end of the road at the Planetarium and go behind the little building. Go below the back window to trigger the ambush. It seems that Stones was expecting us. Shoot the man on the left and get ready for heavy fighting. Stay behind the rocks on the left side. You cannot officially use them for cover, but you can stay behind them and be fairly safe. Pick off the first few killers and look down the road to the right. See if you can pick them off too.

The first roadblock is easy to get past, since you can shoot one of the car’s gas tanks to blow it up and remove the bulk of the gangsters. If you can pick off the survivors with an SMG, then you’re set. Jump into one of their cars and pick up a little speed. You should just be able to crash right through the second blockade and make it through the gate. Swing into the parking lot and hit the safe zone to end the mission.

In Defense of the Prosecution

Jimmy’s Vendetta Guide - In Defense of the Prosecution

Don’t worry, it’s not an escort mission. Drive up to the alley where they have the witness pinned down. Advance a bit and shoot the first two killers. Run up and get behind the car and next to the witness. His car offers good cover and a good line of sight on all three angles of attack. Just settle in and defend yourself. I used the 1911 for most of this, so you don’t really need a lot of firepower. They do drop a few SMGs though, so grab them between waves if you need more ammo or firepower.

You can shoot the gas tanks on all the cars scattered around the alley to take clusters out. If any of gangsters just stay behind cover and wait, you can climb on the hood of the witness’ car and gain a height advantage.

You don’t have to do anything else with the witness. After a few waves, you’re free to go to the safe zone and end the mission.

The Lobotomy

Mafia 2 DLC Guide - Jimmy’s Vendetta - The Lobotomy

We’ve got a quick decapitation mission for this one. Just steal a car and drive over to the right hand man’s car. He obeys all traffic laws, so it’s easy to catch him. Just swing out in front of him and block his car. Jump out and use your own car for cover. The advisor is armed and has three guards, so try to shoot quickly. You’ll probably be too close to shoot the gas tank, so just try to blast them quickly with a shotgun and escape before the police arrive.

Capo Capping

Jimmy’s Vendetta Walkthrough - Capo Capping - Killing the 3 Capos

Even though it might seem like this mission is for epic gunfights, it’s best done as an assassination mission. Make sure that you get an M1 Garand from a gun store before the mission. The three capos are well protected and their guards respawn. They also like to spawn behind you and make it impossible to patiently work through the guards and kill the capo. Just hit the capo as soon as possible and run away. If you miss, then use whatever cover you have and keep moving. You will get flanked and killed if you stay still. Move forward and hit the capo as soon as possible and escape the firefight. You can kill the three in any order you wish, although the game suggests that you hit the plaza, then the pier and the church.

Plaza - Don’t follow the marker all the way down. If you run up the stairs, you’ll be stuck in a firefight and not have much cover. Drive up the road a little further to go up a hill (or don’t turn it if you go to the plaza right after the marker). At the top of the hill, over a tunnel, there’s a wide sidwalk. You can drive down the sidewalk to reach the plaza. Park by the newstand and walk forward until the capo is in your sights. He’s marked and in a different suit. Just aim at his head and fire. Jump back into your car and throw it into reverse to get back to the road and escape his private army.

Pier - This one is right next to the body shop. Drive down the small side alley to get onto the broadwalk with him. Park by the railing and move forward carefully on the right side until you can get a clean shot. If you miss, then use the car for cover and try to quickly kill him. There’s not much other cover here, so you need to be fast. Throw it into reverse and go back the way you came to escape.

The Church/Graveyard - As much fun as a graveyard gunfight would be, it is very difficult to survive. Just walk right up to the fence by the church and look into the graveyard. You should be able to shoot the capo through the fence to kill him before they even know you’re there. Jump back into any car on the street and drive away.

Once the three capos are dead, carefully drive to the safe zone and end the mission.

Account Closed


Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Jimmy’s Vendetta - Account Closed

can’t give too much of a guide for this mission, since it’s fairly random. There’s a random police response and the whole mission depends on how quickly you can kill the accountant. Kick the gate in and start off the fight by hitting the gas tank on the second truck. That should kill at least one of the accountant’s guards. Round the corner to kill the other.

You can blow up the car ahead to clear the way. If you get a shot at the accountant, hit him. It will at least slow him down and might even kill him to end the mission early. Other than that, just watch for the police that might come up behind you and keep moving up from one truck to another, blowing them up as you go. You should eventually get a shot at the account.

Overall, just try not to get bogged down. Move fast and fire often. Speed is your friend.

Killing Sal Gravino

Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Jimmy’s Vendetta - Killing Sal Gravino

It’s time to finish this battle off. Sal Gravino is trying to hide out in a lighthouse at the docks. A big battle isn’t going to stop us though.

Unfortunately, I can’t give you a real walkthrough for it. Just know that there are a lot of respawning guards that will quickly overwhelm you if you don’t keep pushing forward. Go through the gates and use the car for cover at the start. Kill the first few guards behind the semi trucks and walk through. The big battle is at the shacks and gas tanks. If you want, you can settle in by a car or a shack and clear out the bulk of the guards. The respawns are still a danger, but they drop a lot of tommy gun ammo so you shouldn’t have trouble. Clear a hole and run down the left side of the docks until you reach the bridge.

Sal Gravino and few guards should come out of the lighthouse. Just level your tommy gun at Sal and finish him off. You still need to get out of the docks, so turn around and use cover to get past the few remaining guards that spawned at your back. Once you make it out of the docks, you’ll be home free.

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We’re on a mission of vengeance. Jimmy is out of jail and ready to take out the two men that betrayed him. I’ll cover how to steal all of the cars for the carnapping achievement, how to kill Sal Gravino, how to kill Tam Brodie and finally how to kill The Big Boss, Judge Hillwood, at the end.

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