Jimmy's Vendetta Guide - Mafia 2 DLC - Irish Missions

Jimmy's Vendetta Guide - Mafia 2 DLC - Irish Missions
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Calling Card

You need to blow up two gas stations for this one. Just pull up and put a bullet into one of the pumps to set off the whole gas station.

It doesn’t matter what order you do them in, since it’s basically the same either way. Drive up to the gas station and swing wide. The two gangsters will open fire on your immediately with tommy guns. The problem is that the police also show up quite quickly.

The best way that I found to handle this one was to pull up so that the driver’s side was out in the street. Take cover behind the car and just wait for the police to area and either kill the gangsters or die in a firefight. Once the first respnonder is down, you’re free to shoot the gangsters and blow up the gas station. Drive up to the next station. Since you’ve already caused a lot of trouble, the police might take awhile to respond. If they don’t show up, then just repeat the process on the second gas station. Take cover by the car and blow up the gas station to disorientate them. Then pick them both off. Drive the short distance to the safe house to end the mission.

Taking the Mick

Jimmy’s Vendetta Walkthrough - Taking the Mick

A pretty simple one. Run up and climb onto the marked spot in the back alley with three racketeers. Beat up the first one and carefully look around the corner. The remaining two racketeers will call up a few other gangsters to shoot at you. I suggest that you just run and take cover somewhere until the police get killed by the gangsters. In my case, the police actually killed one of the two survivors. Just shoot the other in the head and hit the icon to end the mission.

Paddy Wagon

Jimmy’s Vendetta - Paddy Wagon

This is pretty simple. Steal some cigarettes (and you don’t even have to sell them yourself). Drive down and through the gate to the left to get behind the six men and their truck. Use the car or the corner for cover and try to kill the three closest men before they know what him them. Wait for the other guards to run up and around a corner, then ambush them. Watch out for the police response, since they’ll try to box you in. Try to keep your weapon holstered and avoid confrontation. They will usually target the other gangsters if you keep moving and keep your weapon hidden.

When you walk up to the truck, get in front and shoot the driver in the head. He’s a gangster and armed, so just pulling him out of the truck will get you killed. After that, just jump in, back up and drive away.

Pull up to the marked alley, but don’t try to stop at the marker. It’s an ambush and one of them has a molotov. Drive forward to the end of the alley to escape the ambush. Jump into cover on a corner and fire down the alley at the gangsters. They’ll have to funnel themselves toward you and deal with police officers attacking from the rear. Just hold your ground and pick them off, then holster your weapon and run to the safe zone in the corner.

Sound and Furry

Jimmy’s Vendetta - Mafia 2 DLC - Sound and Furry

A fairly quick smash mission. Take a car the short distance to the first group of crates. Use it for cover to quickly kill the two men to the right and then leap over the fence. Use the wrecked car for cover when the majority of the guards come down. Note that if they stand next to one of the cars, you can probably get a clean shot at the gas tank and just blow them up. Once the rush is taken care of, turn and shoot the five boxes with your pistol.

Move up a bit on foot and shoot the two remaining guards on the one right next to you. They may already be dead actually. Shoot the boxes and steal their car to drive up to the last group of crates. There are a few guards up here and one has a rifle, so be careful. Use the car or the corner for cover and take them out. Shoot the boxes and jump into a new car and rush the little blockade that they set up at the exit of the warehouse. Crash through and reach the safe zone to end it.

Pass the Potchen

Jimmy’s Vendetta Walkthrough - Pass the Potchen at Hill of Tara

This is one of the few times that I suggest that you swing by Harry’s or at least a gun shop. Get some ammo for your machine guns and rifles. You need to shoot up the bar and it’s going to take a lot of ammo. Arm yourself and start the mission.

The Hill of Tara is just up the block. The gang won’t be hostile to you just yet. Open the door and go inside. Walk behind the bar and pull out a gun. Quickly drop the bartender and take cover. There are three gangsters in the corner, but the bar offers good cover. Pick them off and watch the entrance and the back hall. Three gangsters from the back may go through the back door and attack you from that side, as well as a few corner guards coming through the front door. If you feel overwhelmed, go into the bathroom area through the double doors. Also note that you can steal beer or coffee to completely replenish your health.

Try to keep your gun holstered if you aren’t under attack. The police response is pretty steady and it’s nice to have them effectively guarding the outside of the bar by engaging the gangsters outside (they’ll see them first if you’re in the bar). Once the situation is fairly under control, just start shooting. Shoot up the bottles and glasses behind the bar, shoot the jukebox and aim for the pictures. I actually believe the pictures count for the bulk of real damage. You can blow them out of the frame and even tear some of the frames apart. A combination of the glasses and the pictures should be enough to officially “wreck” the bar. Run out the back door, holster your weapon and jump up into the back alley. Run until you hit the safe zone.

The Red Hand Gang

Jimmy’s Vendetta Walkthrough - The Red Hand Gang

Another fairly quick one. Go around to reach the four marked trucks in the lot of the warehouse. Take cover behind one of the cars in the parking lot and just pick them off as usual. The gas tanks on the trucks are just below the driver side door. Blow the trucks up once the gang has been killed, then holster your weapon and walk away as the police respond.

Cut the Blarney

Jimmy’s Vendetta Guide - Cut the Blarney

This one is another big battle for the most part. Drive down the road and swing into the parking lot. As usual, just hit the spot above the back driver-side tire. There are a few guards. If you use a car for cover, you should be fine. The police response for this is also pretty big and usually from both sides. Be careful and stay holstered for as long as you can in the mission. It’s much easier you don’t have cops on your back.

Blow up the first three cars, but watch out. Once you move to the middle, two groups of three guards will spawn and the police will come rushing to the explosions. Hopefully they’ll take out one of the groups of gangsters. Advance a bit more and use a corner for cover to pick off the gangsters. Hit the last car and run down the street and past the gas station to the safe zone.


Jimmy’s Vendetta Walkthrough - Revolution

This is actually a pretty standard defense mission. Drive up to the shop and run down the steps to the dock. You need to hold out and protect the cowering shopkeeper from several waves of killers. Note that they will come from both sides, so watch the map carefully. The actual process is pretty simple though. get behind a dumpster with your shotgun and ambush the groups of men as they round the corner. Just pull out a pistol to hit anyone that’s at a distance. Watch the map and take out a few waves until you get a mission accomplished note. Remember that the police will respond to the call, so account for that and watch out for them. Ideally they’ll take out a few gangsters, but they might flank you too.

To Trap a Trapper

Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Jimmy’s Vendetta

Another pretty quick one if you’re well armed. Bring some ammo for a SMG or a rifle. It will make the whole thing run much more smoothly. Pull up the back entrance to the junkyard and ram through the gate to get around their blockade. Take cover behind a steel post and use it for cover as you pick off the first responders and hopefully one of Brodin’s cousins. Move up a bit and use the wrecks and the corner of the wall to take out the next batch.

Move up further to get the last cousin and exit throough the rear of the scrapyard. That’s about it.

Tam in a Jam

Jimmy’s Vendetta Walkthrough - Tam in a Jam - Tam Brodie

This one isn’t too bad either. Tam Brodin is hiding in the Foundry for one last stand. Note that it’s basically the same as Chapter 8.

Drive up to the foundry and bring a loaded shotgun and tommy gun. We’re going to clear this place out quickly and without much fuss. Run in and engage the first group of gangsters. Just setting in behind your cover and start firing. this first lane isn’t too bad and there’s no rush. The guards here don’t seem to respawn, so just take it nice and slow.

Once you make it to the open area with the shack, swing to the left and go through to get set in some nice cover and grind through the next wave of men.

There’s just one more place to clear. Move along the tracks by the tanker. Don’t just sprint ahead. Stick to the corner and fire down the lane to clear a path and then keep moving. Watch the catwalks for a few more of Brodie’s men. Take them out before you move any further to keep them from flanking you. Once again, the map is your friend. In just another minute, you should catch up to Tam Brodie. Hit him with a few quick bursts to kill him.

The exit for this one is just a peaceful stroll out of the foundry. Jump the fence behind Brodie, hit the icon and steal one of his nice racing cars.

The Big Boss

Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Jimmy’s Vedetta - The Big Boss - The Judge

You also have to kill Sal Gravino to trigger this one. Once you’ve completed all the missions, you’ll get a chance to kill the real person that was behind it all. We’ll take out the Big Boss, the Judge. Drive out to his estate on the back road and get as close to the gate as you can. This blockade is pointed toward you, so put a few roudns in each gas tank to clear them all out and kill the first associate. Walk through the gate and pick up their weapons. Make sure that you have a loaded tommy gun or shotgun, then walk to the right toward the garden.

Move quickly and just ignore gunfire from the house, unless you get a clear shot at the men on the deck. Get into the hedge maze. Take out the single guard on the upper level and carefully clear the path to the center of the maze. Round the final corner to the center and hold down the trigger to gun them all down. If you can’t get the tommy gun to work well here, just use the shotgun and stay mobile to dodge some of the gunfire.

Once the second associate is dead, backtrack out to the house and watch the deck. Try to take out the outside guards as you move up to the rear entrance. Hopefully you’ll draw a few guards out of the house for an easy kill. Go ahead and swing around the house to flush out a few more guys in the front. You don’t want any surprises. Move in carefully through either set of doors and quickly check the corners for more men. As usual, watch the map carefully. New gangsters will spawn in pairs outside the house, so don’t take too long.

The associate is actually in the basement, so don’t bother going upstairs. Just go through and look for the stairs down to the wine cellar area. There should just be two more guards in front and the last associate at the back. Grab more ammo and reload your weapon. Move up the steps with the gun leveled. The judge is in the center room with some new guards. Fire through the door and keep firing until the judge dies. That will bring up the final cutscene and finish the mission.