Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 8: The Wild Ones

Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 8: The Wild Ones
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Selling Cigarettes

This actually starts off fairly boring but it ends with a bang. Make sure that you have some ammo for your pistol, if you’ve been having fun on the side.

Go downstairs and meet up with Joe. We need to haul this truck out, so let’s get moving. Note that the truck handles like a tank. You need to plan out your movements and make sure that you slow down a lot for turns. You don’t want any unnecessary attention on this one.

Make your way to the parking lot and wait for the scene. You just need to hand out cigarettes. There are red, white and blue cartons. Just grab the right one for the first couple of people. You’ll then get a nice time skip and pocket $328. Hand out the last pack to the cop and then drive away.

Mafia 2 Help - Driving the Stolen Truck in Chapter 8

Just follow the highway to the next spot. You won’t go fast, so just get comfortable and enjoy the view of the coast. Swing into the parking lot and hand out the next pack. We’ll get an unfortunate change of pace though.

Joe will get the main greaser but the rest will still set the truck on fire. We got the leader’s car, but it just can’t keep up with a modified hot rod. Chase it down the highway until it slips away in the tunnel. Turn off the highway and down the side street. Go carefully until you spot the phone booth. Call Eddie and learn the bad news. It seems that we need $2,000. First, we’ll get our revenge though.

Ruining the Greaser Bar

Drive out and meet up with Steve by the greaser bar. He’ll hand you and Joe some nice Tommy guns. There’s no huge reason to save the ammo (we’ll get more when we need it) so open up on the boards at the bottom and fire away. After you’ve done enough damage along with the guys, you can grab a molotov from the car trunk and toss it into the bar to cause a nice explosion.

Raiding the Foundry

Mafia II Walkthrough - Raiding the Foundry and Killing the Greasers

Go back to the car with Joe and drive down to the Foundry. It’s not too far so it shouldn’t take long. Unfortunately, it seems like the greasers didn’t get the memo about not using guns. It looks like we have a firefight after all.

I can’t be too specific in my help, since the AI will determine a lot of the difficulty. They actually do a good job of taking people out, so you basically just have to adapt as you go.

Get behind the first car and use it for cover. You can fire on the retreating greasers and then drop the ones hiding behind the crates. Move on up on the left side and help your allies push forward. Steve has a shotgun, so he should be able to clear the right side pretty well.

Advance along the left side until you make it to the end. Watch out though, since at least one hot rod will make a run for it. Get on the left side and take cover to avoid being hit. Keep up the fire and get them on the run to reach a checkpoint.

Move up again and look for the closest greaser. He should have a shotgun. Move around the left side to flank him and shoot him in the head. Make sure that you grab his shotgun. It’s got all the ammo that you should need to finish up the fight.

Move on up the left side and use the shotgun to blow away the greasers trying to hold you back. Just rinse and repeat, except keep an eye out for the walkways above you. Some of the greasers with grease guns and Tommy guns will go up there and use the raised position to fire on you. Try to take them out as soon as possible.

Just go a little bit further. You can probably grab some ammo and a machine gun to make the rest a bit easier, or just stick with the shotgun. Once you finish off the last ones pinned in at the dead end, you’re done.

Selling the Hot Rod to Derek

Mafia II Walkthrough - Selling the Hot Rod to Derek

Joe will point out that the hot rod is probably worth a fortune. Jump into the one left and drive it down the highway to the port. The smart thing to do is set the speed limiter and carefully go back without drawing police attention. The fun thing to do is get up to 115 MPH and weave in and out of traffic. The cops won’t be able to keep up, so you’re basically untouchable as long as you don’t wreck.

Slow down once you get to the docks to avoid have to run around the docks to dodge the ticket. Then pull the hot rod onto the loading crane and step out. You should get $1,950 as a reward. Grab the car that should be waiting by Derek’s office and drive back to the Falcon to talk to Eddie. He’ll give a fair portion of the money back as a reward, so don’t worry about taking too big of a hit. You should be fine financially.

Drive back home and go to bed to end the day.


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